Saturday, 11 July 2015

Red, White, Blue | My Ensemble (OOTD)

I have to start off by saying that when I threw this outfit together, it was not my intention to look a) patriotic; b) fourth of July; or  c) French. However, my colleagues needed persuading otherwise when I walked into the office on Tuesday. They jested that I was a little late for Independence Day celebrations - arf arf! - before expressing approval in the form of nods and remarks, including: "That is one of my favourite outfits on you. Ever." and "Those are awesome pants". I concur.
These high-waisted, vertical striped, wide leg trousers have instantly become my favourite statement piece in my summer wardrobe. They're bold, bright and breezy! Red, white and blue are complementary colours, so you can't go wrong there, and the vertical stripes give the illusion that I'm ever so slightly taller than my actual 5ft 4 inch stature. Totes in love with them.
TROUSERS: Boohoo | BODY SUIT: New Look | CARDIGAN: Bershka | BAG: Lipsy | BELT: ASOS | NECKLACE: Etsy
What's your current favourite summer statement piece?

As ever,


Sunday, 22 March 2015

Salvation in Noodles, Dalston | Eating Out

I'm officially on a mission to find some of London's best Vietnamese restaurants. There are a handful in Shoreditch, namely Keu and On the Bab. Salvation in Noodles would most definitely be on that list.  It's an unassuming little restaurant nestled in Dalston that serves gourmet variations of hot and cold noodle dishes.
Although fairly small, the environment is laid back, so perfect for a meet-up with a friend.
There isn't a huge selection of food on the menu, but what they do offer is more than agreeable. Mains are around £9 each, and appetisers roughly £6/£7. For the excellent quality they serve, I'd say their prices are very reasonable.  
Phu Quoc Wings
The chicken wings were absolutely delicious. Its crispy texture and sweet, caramelised flavour made for some very happy taste buds. 
Xa Lamb Chops
I was a little disappointed that there were only two lamb chops, especially as it was part of the 'Social' section in the menu. My understanding of that was starters to share, so I was expecting four lamb chops rather than two. Nonetheless, it tasted amazing: barbecued with a glaze of sweet and spicy seasoning.  
I loved the selection of some locally crafted drinks: the Dalston Raw Fiyah ginger beer was a refreshing infusion of root ginger, juiced lemon and lime.
Bun Nem Nuong
I was sceptical about ordering the cold noodle salad (actually served at room temperature), because it sounded a bit boring, but oh my; thou shalt not judge a noodle dish by its menu description alone. 

Parsley, mint, carrots, crushed cashews, lettuce, cucumber, rice noodles, teamed with pork patties; all the flavours - sweet, citrus, salty - came together so well. 
Pho Ga
Egg noodles in chicken broth with shredded chicken, bean sprouts, and spring onions. Yum. This flavourful option was surprisingly filling. Although thoroughly enjoyed, some finely-chopped fried garlic on top would have helped to enhance the flavour of the chicken a little bit more. I'd definitely recommend it though.
Green tea combined with roasted brown rice - very nice!
The bare brick wall, and the copper accents with the lighting, give the decor a contemporary feel; canteen meets restaurant.
Gotta love Sriracha hot sauce!
I will definitely be going back to SIN, and soon.

What are some of your favourite Vietnamese restaurants? 

As ever, 


Sunday, 8 March 2015

Dr. Martens and Crop Top | My Ensemble (OOTD)

Happy Sunday! The 'fro is back: it's much bigger, and I'm loving it! I'm wearing it proudly, too! #teamnatural

Now, let's get on to the outfit, shall we? 
If you've ever owned a pair of Dr Martens, you'll know that these shoes can take up to two weeks to break into. The first day I wore these lace high boots (FYI: I was in them for about 12 hours), I endured blistering heels and the occasional pinch on my feet. It's not as traumatic as some of the stories you hear, though you'll have to go through a considerable amount of low-threshold pain before experiencing the light at the end of the tunnel a.k.a comfort - I assure you: it's totally worth it. 
Don't even get me started about lacing these bad boys up! Ha! Luckily, they come with zips on the sides, so getting in and out of them is effortless, and doesn't feel like torture. 

I have big calfs, but still wanted to do a criss-cross lace pattern, so I didn't (and could't, more to the point!) lace the boots all the way to the top, but that's not really a big deal.
BOOTS: Dr Martens (1B60) | CROP TOP: Vero Moda | SHIRT: New Look | JEANS: New Look | BAG: Lipsy
If you're not quite confident enough to show your abs - or generally not a fan of exposing certain parts of your body- then layering is a great solution when you want to rock a crop top. I wore a plain white shirt under this Vero Moda navy check funnel crop top. I love the cashmere-like texture of this top and the complementary blue, white and red check patterning. 
The outfit came together quite nicely: smart on top, casual on the bottom.  Smart-casual = very Rebecca-Monique. 
Do you own a pair of Doc Martens? How do you wear crop tops? 

As ever,


*Photos taken by Instagram: @One2thr33Cheese

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Kaspar's Seafood Bar & Grill, The Savoy | Eating Out

I wouldn't say that I'm a lover of seafood, but I'm admittedly partial to the odd scallop, king prawn and salmon every now and again. Now, my boyfriend, on the other hand, could live in the sea and gobble up its entire living contents if that were possible. We made a lunch reservation to dine at Kaspar's Seafood Bar & Grill at the Savoy in celebration of our anniversary on Valentine's Day - and my boyfriend had a very important question to ask me - it was't about putting his favourite jumper in a delicate cold wash. 

The Savoy is absolutely gorgeous. It was the first time I had been, and must admit, I was slightly in awe. Kaspar's, the restaurant, is no exception.  Staff were exceptionally welcoming, polite and helpful, which made our experience there stand apart from many other 'fancy' restaurants that we've eaten at. 
Although utterly spoilt for choice, we didn't waste much time selecting our courses. We got our grub on by starting with the fruit de mer platter:  seasonal oysters (West Mersea rock oysters; Jersey rock oysters), poached prawns, Cornish crab, and scallop. Delightful! 
The atmosphere was relaxing, yet calmly buzzy. I expected it to be a little more packed, being Valentine's Day and all, but I'm not complaining, as that's how I prefer it, to be honest. I suspect they were all booked out for dinner reservations. 
Kaspar's lobster club sandwich
Let me tell you about this lobster club sandwich: heaven in your mouth. That's not even an exaggeration. I took a bite of my boyfriend's sandwich and I couldn't have predicted the treat my tastebuds were about to experience. 
Pan-roasted sea bream fillet with spicy fennel orange salad mustard dressing
I instantly fell in love with the creamed potatoes and the Savoy cabbage with smoked bacon! Combined with the spinach, and sea bream, I was in officially in yumville. The balance of flavours was on point. I was glad I wore a fit and flare dress because I'm certain my stomach expanded a few inches by the end of the meal. 
Vanilla creme brûlée, with gooseberries and old fashioned macaroon
The creme brûlée was fabulously rich. Like the whole meal and experience, I couldn't fault it.  
A little GIF-age. :)
We ended our meal with some coffee and chocolate truffles - there's always some room for truffles!
We left Kaspar's feeling extremely satisfied, stuffed and in higher spirits than we arrived. Our meal came to just under the £150 mark,  so it's obviously a 'special occasion' type of restaurant (unless you have the disposable income of a premier league footballer, in which case, a regular treat, maybe), but, without hesitation, I'd definitely recommend dining there.  

Oh, and if you're wondering what my answer was to my boyfriend's question, it was "Yes. Yes I will".

What are some of your favourite seafood restaurants? 

As ever,


Saturday, 25 October 2014

Houndstooth and Clean Lines | My Ensemble (OOTD)

Certain prints are associated with particular seasons. When I think houndstooth, I think autumn/ winter. Even though the weather in London is on yoyo behaviour, it's safe to say autumn is here.  

I adore how the contrasting textures of leather and fabric have been incorporated into the tailoring of this jacket. Comfortable and eye-catching, yet simple.
JACKET: H&M | BAG: H&M | BLOUSE: Zara | BOOTS: Linzi Shoes | HAT: New Look | JEGGINGS: New Look | TRIANGLE RING: Etsy

I love my black and white combos/ monochrome, and the clean vertical lines on this top add a little character to what would otherwise be a plain blouse. 
I'm a complete sucker for croc effect anything, so these ankle boots and large bag were an instant "I'm having that" when topping up my autumn wardrobe. 

Ankle boots are great transitional footwear, too. You know, when you don't want to start wearing knee high boots just yet, and flats don't quite fit the bill.  

What are your fave autumn/ winter prints and patterns?

As ever, 


 Photos taken by @one2thr33cheese