Swine Flu

[caption id="attachment_275" align="alignright" width="219" caption="The swine flu virus under the microscope"]The swine flu virus under the microscope[/caption]

Since swine flu hit the headlines a couple of weeks ago, there have been 34 reported cases in the UK so far.
Last week the first case of human- to- human transfer of the H1N1 virus was confirmed in South Gloucestershire. The 43-year-old man was the first person to catch the virus without having visited Mexico.
The outbreak has seen 13 confirmed cases in children, resulting in a nursery and 5 schools closed in the capital. Fortunately there have been no deaths yet in the UK.
This morning I took to the streets to ask some Londoners what they make of swine flu and the media’s handling of the virus.

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  1. Nice interview. Do you think though that swine flu yourself has been over hyped by this UK media? Also, do you think that the government have used swine flu to bury their bad news about the economy to take their handling of it off the front pages. There are rumours going around that they might possibly have been doing a Jo Moore....

  2. Yes, I do think the media over-hyped the issue of swine flu.
    When you think about it, the virus seems to be just a new type of flu. It would be scary if it was rapidly spreading from human to human and everyone that caught it died and but most people seem to be recovering (slowly but surely).

    I guess the media wanted the 'pandemic' to be as memorable as the plague, but that's not the case and so it's not as prominent now in the news.

    Funnily enough, I only got my 'what to do in case of swine flu' leaflet in the post today. I joked that if the spread of the virus was that serious and fatal, I'd be dead by now.

    In regards to the Government, it reminds me of the late 70s when the government used the issue of 'mugging' to divert attention away from the fact the country was in economic turbulence and the rate of unemployment was very high.


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