Big Brother 2009

bb2009logoIt's that time of year again. Yep, Big Brother 2009 is upon us. Every year, I promise myself that I will refrain from watching it, but the voyeur (not in a sexual way) in me prevails and sure enough, I find myself sitting in front of the TV every night watching the hour long show. Admittedly, I find it quite entertaining and learn a lot about human psychology just by observing the housemates' behaviour.

This year 16 participants went into the house and the show's producers added a twist: each contestant had to complete a challenge to successfully qualify as a fully fledged housemate. The five who had failed to become housemates by Sunday (7th June) evening faced eviction.

Last night saw the first housemate (or "non-housemate" rather), Beinazir, evicted. She was evicted with no audience, had a very short interview with Davina and no "best bits". Then she was whisked away somewhere (I assume home or to a hotel) in a routemaster, probably never to be seen or heard of again. Shame.

I think it's still early days yet to tell who is genuine but I guess, we as an audience don't want to watch boring people. We're subconsciously hungry for conflict. There's already too much fakery and personality clashes and I can imagine a lot of arguments and confrontations will transpire in the very foreseeable future. In the meantime, I'll just chortle at their self-inflicted misfortunes.

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Photos: Big Brother 2009 website (Channel 4 Copyright 2009)

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