Baby Got Back

"How can you say no to that?", a friend exclaimed earlier today. I had to ask myself  'Do men really find this type of figure/physique in a woman sexually appealing?'. Like seriously?

Please, don't for one moment mistake me for hating on tennis star Serena Williams- who undeniably has plenty junk in her trunk- but I personally find it a little too much junk. Masculine, muscly junk. There's a thin line between a toned derriere and just pure muscle.

Sorry to sound vulgar guys but those glutes would break your d**k if she sat on you! And those powerful legs! Oh Lord! She's not lacking in the bust region either. Some may say she's all woman and she's clearly not ashamed to show it all off in her figure hugging, cleavage revealing outfits. Good for her.

Yes, it's great to celebrate and appreciate all variations of the female figure but I just don't get the lusting my male friends and acquaintances do over her body. Are men no longer attracted to the softer, feminine figure like that of which Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian possess? Don't they appreciate a little jiggle and wobble? If not, unless you hit the gym for three hours a day, every day, the vast majority of us less athletic-looking, less well-endowed women are doomed.

What's your view? Does Serena do it for you or do you agree that her image is too masculine to be sexy?


  1. Personally I feel (and this is from a female perspective)that serenas body type is desirable because its not the norm. Her assets are exaggerated but not through surgery,which is rare in this day and age of the video model. Yes she's muscular but she's an athlete. Add that to her body type and well you get the above. There will always be men who like the jennifer lopezs of the world, just like those who like the nicole richies. So back to the question no she's not too masculine to be sexy. When we start defining what sexy is as a whole we start limiting those who make the grade. Where there's a woman there will always be a man who finds her attractive.

  2. rebeccamoniquewilliams14 October 2011 at 21:58

    Very valid points made ,Jade!


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