Body Beautiful: My Daily Body Care Regime

I never realised how many beauty products I hoard, so late last week, I did a clear out of the lotions and potions I hardly use. I'm quite basic when it comes to skincare and use a handful of products regularly.
I'm by no means a beauty expert, however, the products mentioned are what work for me and are tried and tested. Here's what I use daily:

Bathing- I don't use soap because I find that it tends to dry out my skin. Instead, Dove Cream Oil Beauty Bath does the trick. It not only softens my skin but also replenishes moisture. Also, I love the fragrance. It lingers on my body for a few hours after use, which is great.

Moisturising- I have very dry skin so the products I use to moisturise my body with specifically cater to my skin type. Dove Intensive Nourishment Body Lotion (For Extra Dry Skin) is good. I normally use this after showering/bathing at night before bed or after I shower/bath when I plan to stay at home. Why? Because as much as it oils my skin, it's not as long lasting. I use this on my face as well but mix in a little water because my face can get a little oily otherwise.
Palmer's Cocoa Butter (the one in the tub) is far more oil-based and keeps my skin hydrated for an entire day. That's why I opt for this if I'm going out.

Stretch Marks- I gave birth just over three months ago so I'm plagued with stretch marks (well, it's not that bad, just quite noticeable). As with the moisturisers, I use the Bio Oil for going out (as it's more oil-based) and the Palmer's Massage Lotion For Stretch Marks if I'm staying in (because it's more water-based). I started using both from the beginning of my pregnancy, as recommended for best results. I find that the Boi Oil just lightens the stretch marks but it does work. The Palmer's one is a little more effective in that it smoothens/softens the marks so that they blend better with the skin around them.

There's nothing worse than chapped lips, especially in autumn/winter when the weather is extra harsh and the skin is more likely to peel off. If you wear lipstick often, it's imperative that you look after your lips in order to get the best look out of your product.

Petroleum Jelly- This is a must for lip care. Nothing works like it. I have the cocoa butter and aloe vera ones.

Cocoa Butter- Not as great as petroleum jelly but a very good alternative that I often use.

Tea Tree- Before I started buying Mary Kay makeup I had no idea that you need to exfoliate, cleanse, tone and wash. I just used to do the 'wash' part. But my representative went through the steps with me. I like the tingly sensation I get after using tea tree products. I really feel my pores clear up, so thats what I mainly use on my face. The cleanser & toner and facial wash are from Superdrug's own range and are really good. I use The Body Shop's exfoliating wash (for oily skin) because I prefer theirs to Superdrug's.

Face Wipes- Kleenex recently brought out a new facial cleansing range . I use the facial cleansing wipes at the end of the day or when I've just come in from outside to get rid of the superficial muck that's landed on my face. It cleans really thoroughly and unlike some other face wipes, doesn't dry up quickly. It stays moist and you only need one wipe per clean.

Occasional Use Products- I use the Body Shop Tea Tree Face Mask every three days. You only have to leave it on for 10 minutes but I normally put mine on for an hour or so while I carry out other tasks at home. The results are instantly noticeable. My little bubba hates this product and cries whenever I put it on because he doesn't like green-faced mummy.

I normally use the Iman Liquid Assets Gentle Foaming Cleanser if I'm going 'out-out' and will be putting on more make-up than usual. It prepares the skin really well.

Electric Toothbrush- Now, I only recently bought myself an electric toothbrush. After first use, I thought to myself "What the hell's taken me so long to buy one"? The results compared to a manual toothbrush are incomparable. Amazing. I have Oral B's Vitality White Clean.

Toothpaste- My dentist recommended Sensodyne ProNamel for me three years ago because I have quite sensitive teeth and I haven't used anything else since. Even if you don't have sensitive gnashers it's a good toothpaste to use.

Mouthwash- Colgate Plax Multi-Protection Mouthwash was another recommendation from my dentist. I used to use Listerine but it's a bit harsh on my teeth and gums. I normally have a rinse of this after a meal.

Hand Cream- Having a baby means that I now wash my hands ten times as much as I used to before. The Superdrug Optimum Hand Cream softens and nourishes my skin and has a pleasant fragrance too. I see no need in buying really expensive hand cream because this works just as well.  

Nail Care- I'm not always able to paint my nails because I do a fair share of domestic work and don't always have enough time to. However, the Rimmel London Nail Rescue Varnish helps to strengthen my nails, which have a tendency to split or break.

So that's it. Here they all are (minus the Palmer's Stretch Mark Lotion 'cause I finished it yesterday):

Wow. When I lay them out like that it seems like a lot of products to use every day. What do you use as part of your daily body care regime?

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