Daily Musings: My Little Bubba Is 3 Months Old Today!

Oh how time flies! It's crazy, huh? It's funny (funny interesting, not funny haha) how this time 12 weeks ago I pushed out me and my husband's bundle of joy( pain rating 100/10- no exaggeration!!)

It still really hasn't sunk in yet that I'm a mummy. All I know is that I wouldn't swap the early morning feeds, or gazillion nappy changes for anything else.

Me at 36 weeks...Photography by Catherine Doherty

I've seen him grow so incredibly fast and he's a lot more responsive now (as he should be by this stage). Not just a little 'pooper- eater- sleeper' anymore but a 'hi-fiver-smiler-hugger' too. I love being a mum. It's such a rewarding feeling!

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