I Heart...The Body Shop

I hadn't been to The Body Shop in a while and really didn't intend on going in but the fruity aromas were enough to entice me into the store last week. Here's what I bought:
The moringa (plant extract) milk is a very light lotion and has a lovely fresh perfume aroma to it. 
As it's water-based and extremely light, I apply this after I've put my Dove moisturiser on because I just love the smell, which lasts on my skin for hours too.  

There's just something about tropical fruits that I love so much. Passionfruit is no exception. Just like the papaya one, this is lovely to shower with. I use this mainly because it's fragrant rather than because it makes my skin feel soft (my Dove one covers that). 

Mmmm...Papaya! My favourite smelling fruit. I love making the whole bathroom smell of this after coming out of the shower. 
As shower gels go, this foams and cleanses my skin well but its selling point for me is its scent.  

This was a top up because my other one is close to finishing. You may have read about this in the My Daily Body Care Regime post >> here. It works a dream! Skin feels ridiculously smooth after use and stays feeling like that for about three days. A must have.

Mmmm... Papaya (again)! I initially wanted to get the body lotion but it's been discontinued so I opted for the body butter instead after the sales assistant (who by the way gave the best customer service ever) persuaded me to buy this. As it was on offer (reduced to £5 for a limited time) I thought "hey, why not?". Glad I bought it.     

Have you been to The Body Shop recently? What are your recent buys from there?

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