My End Of Month Wish List: October

Only a few more sleeps 'til payday. Yay! Here are a few things that I'd love to get next month. The key part of that sentence is "love to get". I don't necessarily need them but the little spoilt child in me is saying: "I want and if I don't get, I'll scream and scream and scream!" 

1. Leather twist lock vintage style satchel (ASOS)
3.Grey Funnel Neck coatigan (Dorothy Perkins)
4. Model's Own Beetlejuice Nailvarnish
5. New York Tan Studded Trench Coat (Celeb Boutique)
6. Yossi Hood Snood (All Saints)
7. Wooden Wedge Boots (Next)
8. Cable Knitted Skirt (Miss Selfridge)
9. Swooping Swallow Love Letter Necklace (

Doing a wish list collage is helpful in so many ways: 
1) You can have a good look at what styles you're currently intersted in (i.e. shapes, patterns, fittings, materials etc)
2) You can see what colours you're drawn to at the moment. For me, this month seems to be the light greys, greens (particularly mint) and the tan/khaki/gold/brown pallet .  
3) Helps you budget by separating what you need from what you want. Or, if like me, they're all just what you want, then it's a good way of picking out your favourite item, with a realistic hope of purchasing it. 

Well, some of these things will remain just a wish (sigh), but I think I deserve to treat myself to a few of them (or at least one). After all, it would be miser-like of me not to.

What's currently on your wish list?

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