My Ensemble: Apple & Cherries

Mucho apologies for not posting yesterday. I had a long, yet fun day out. Anywho, here's an ensemble piece to prove I wasn't just at home in my jim jams. 

Photos by the lovely Catherine Doherty

Who: Much needed catch up with my friend Catherine Doherty (photographer)
What: Apple Green Cardigan (River Island); Cherry Skinny Jeans (New Look); Flats (Linzi Shoes); Bangle (Miss Selfridge); Necklace (Top Shop); Bag (Next); Hat (New Look
Where: Westfield, Stratford City
When: Friday 21st October 2011
Why: I hadn't seen Catherine since my baby shower in May this year and thought it was high time we met up for lunch, a chat and of course some pics. 

It occurred to me that a lot of stores are gearing up for Christmas (yes, it's a little early). I too, thinking about how incredibly quickly this year has gone by so far, started to feel somewhat excited about the impending season, so thought I'd go a little festive without being too festive (hence why I'm only wearing a cherry red as opposed to bright red). 

I went for casual, as you can see. The cardigan (which is a tad bit itchy when brushed against the skin- not complaining by the way) gives this ensemble a sort of preppy look. 

If you've ever been to Westfield, Stratford City, you'll be familiar with the sheer scale of the place (wonderful for fashion inspiration, by the way) and thats why I wore flats - for practicality- because I knew we'd be walking around a lot. These are my favourites. The floral design and belt detailing is so feminine.

The matching cherry red hat helps to break down the look's colours and the gold accessories bounce off really well with the colour pallet. These are old pieces of jewellery that I've had for over two years now. I rediscovered them while tidying up my jewellery box at the beginning of the week and thought I'd let them see daylight again.  

So, that's me really.  

Apples and cherries. Two of some of my favourite fruits, and they make a pretty attractive outfit too. 



  1. Thats a really lovely outfit and great colours for the winter! Think I have to get my hands on that green cardi!

    Great blog keep it up x

  2. Thanks Gemma. :) Yeah, the colour is so vibrant. If red is your thing, they've got it in that colour too.


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