My Ensemble: As Keen As Mustard

You guys know the drill. Here's another one of my ensemble's. This one's a pretty mustard fit and flare number.

Who: Family
Where: Church
When: Sunday 30th October 2011
What: Mustard fit and flare dress (Dorothy Perkins); Silk scarf (New Look) Shoes (Forever 21); Headband (Miss Selfridge); Bag (Next); Ring (Peacocks) Nails (Collection 2000: 181 Rustique and 274 Cocoa)
Why: Cute, litte dresses- be it the fit and flare or skater dress to name a couple styles- are very in and have been since the spring/summer this year. I bought this mustard-coloured dress two months ago and it's been living in my wardrobe since because the material was too thick to wear in the temperatures we had in August and September. This style of dress is so feminine and I love the way it flows and glides freely with every movement. Here are a few other really nice ones I spotted in stores and online:
These shoes! I need not say much. The studs and lace up detailing at the back is just...! I bought them from Forever 21 (which is rapidly becoming my favourite clothes retailer) and when I tried them in store they seemed to fit OK but when I got home and put them on again they miraculously felt a little tight. The solution was simple. I'd go and exchange the pair for a size bigger. But when I did I was told they had sold out. I stood in the store like a spoilt child. I loved them too much so I decided to buy a shoe stretcher from Clarks and guess what? They did the trick and now my feet fit all nice and snug in them. The way it should be.

These types of dresses go well with a belt around the ribcage area. It helps break up the shape really well. I was going to wear a thinner one but opted for this chunkier belt instead because of the detail.

I've had the gold plait hairband for two years now but haven't worn it much. It's a girly hair accessory and looks good with a fringe, I think.

Now you guys know I love silk scarves, right? I have quite a few (though many are yet to make an appearance in the 'My Ensemble' posts). This is a gold, cream, and grey belt and chain one and complements the colour tone of the dress.

So that's me. As keen as mustard.

What cute, little day dresses have you got in your wardrobe?

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