My Ensemble: Time Flies

 I actually can't believe it. There's only just over two more months left of 2011. Time flies, huh? I know it sounds a bit of a cliché, but it really does feel like not too long ago we saw the year in.

Who: Shopping (window shopping, that is. Didn't buy anything, but made a couple of exchanges which kind of makes you feel like you've bought something new. Anyway...)  with little bubba and a close friend 
Where: Shopping Centre
When: Thursday 27th October 2011
What: Dress (Dorothy Perkins); Leggings (Next); Boots (Linzi Shoes); Clock Necklace (H&M); Wings Ring (Forever 21); Nails (Bourjois Paris, So Laque Vinyle in Beige Glamour)
Why: I've started wearing my wollies 'cause the temperature's started to noticeably drop. I like this dress. It's what I like to call a 'stand alone' piece i.e. there's so much going on with it that any accompanying accessories must be kept plain or to an absolute minimum. Hugs my figure too. I'm all about bright colours (not in an attention seeking kind of way) and that morning, I was drawn to orange. The colour orange apparently represents enthusiasm and adventure. Now, as ever, I was very much enthused to go out shopping but wasn't planning on having any adventures spending-wise (pay day's not here yet) so one out of two 'aint bad.

The weather was forcaste for 13 degrees with rain so I figured I should wear my coat (for the first time since the end of winter earlier this year) but I didn't have it on for long because I had forgotten just how warm it is. Lord! I almost got baked in that thing! Turns out it's not 'cold-cold' just yet.

Those boots. My fave. Remember the post I did on them? (if not, click here).

I love love love this wings ring from Forever 21 and hadn't worn it since I bought it a couple weeks ago so as it went with the outfit popped it in my middle finger. As you do.

When I bought this clock necklace by no means was I trying to jack Flava Flave's style. I just liked it. To me it's symbolic. Symbolic of how very little time we have and that every moment is precious. It's one thing to be alive, but we have to live. OK, I'll stop with all that deep stuff....

Oh yeah, and speaking of time, don't forget to put the clocks back an hour this Sunday. An extra hour's sleep! Now that's what I'm talking about! Happy snoozing!...

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