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I love photography (looking at rather than taking- I'm not so good at it). So, as a blog feature, I'd like to share some of my favourite photographers' works with you. This week, the spotlight is on my dear friend Catherine, who took my wedding and maternity photos (have a look at one here).

We first met at uni where we were both studying journalism. It's funny, but we didn't really speak that much 'til after we graduated. That's when I realised she had a love of photography. She's modest. Doesn't give herself the credit she deserves for her work. Here's the lady herself with a little intro.

My name is Catherine, I just turned 23, and live in north London. I just finished my BA in Journalism at City University in the summer, and I'm now studying for a Graduate Diploma in Law at The College of Law, London Bloomsbury.
I have always been interested and excited about taking photographs and recording memories, which only intensified when my little brother was born in 2002. I loved photographing him, and when I got my own Sony digital camera in the Spring of 2004, I was hooked. I read a lot about photography online in the following year, and for my 17th birthday in 2005, I was lucky enough to get a Canon Rebel (300D) DSLR, and have never looked back. It came with me everywhere, and I learned a lot about photography just from using it for family snapshots. When I moved toToronto to study for six months last January, I'd been wanting to upgrade my camera for a while, and decided that it was the right time, before I took off to travel around the United States. I bought my current camera, a used, but very nicely kept Canon 40D in the Spring of 2010, and have never looked back.
I've never done any photography courses, but I have read a few photography books that were immensely helpful with mastering the basics - most notably Scott Kelby's "The Digital Photography Book", and Bryan Peterson's "Understanding Exposure"; I recommend the latter to anybody wanting to get better photos from their camera, particularly an SLR.
But most of all, my inspiration comes from enjoying other people's work. I love Tara Whitney's family photography in particular ( She captures moments, and she captures families and people as they are. That is my goal as a photographer.

We went out for lunch at Westfield, Stratford City, had a catch up and of course, took some photos (we forgot to take one together 'cause my little man stole her attention for most of the day, lol).

Over our meal (we went to Rhythm, a West Indian Restaurant. Try their jerk chicken and rum punch! Yum!) she showed me her favourite pic and told me why she loved it so much:

"It may seem an odd choice for a 'favourite' photo; I'd only had my SLR for a few months, so it's not great technically, it's out of focus, and has bad composition. I chose it because it's so symbolic of my passion for photography, and that is capturing moments.
This was taken Christmas of 2005, when my little sister Anna, the little girl in the picture, was 16 months old. She just turned seven last month, and sometimes I look back at these and can't imagine that she was so small.
It was her big brother, Jamie, that inspired me to pick up a camera nine years ago now, and I've never looked back. I love to photograph their childhood. Of course, I love the posed, smiley shots for my picture frames. But these are the photos I covet, and that I treasure.
I love the expression on her face. I love her little pigtail. I love her chubby arms and hands. I love HER, and I love that I captured this pure happy moment in her life. It makes me smile every time I see it. "

I love this photo too. She totally captured that happy moment.

If you haven't read the post yet, here are the photos she took for the 'My Ensemble: Apple and Cherry' piece.

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