Kiss Me Quick: 50 Years Of Lipcote, Plus New Lippy

Earlier this week I saw tweets and read a few blog posts about Lipcote lipstick sealer regarding the brand celebrating 50 years of providing us ladies with longer lasting lipstick. Because I've only recently began to show an interest in lipstick, I'd never heard of it before so, of course, I popped down to my local Superdrug to get myself some (£3.19).

Don't know whether this was supposed to happen but there was a slight tingly sensation when I applied it. Guess it's the sealer getting straight to work. Not too keen on the chemical scent but I couldn't find it in the new vanilla fragrance in the shops  so had to buy the original. Applied properly by following the tips and tricks recommended on the website, it works very well. I've yet to try it during a day out but it certainly kept my lipstick on for the two hours I wore it at home (during which I had brunch), so thumbs up.

This was a lovely little discovery because I'd recently bought two new lipsticks: Max Factor in Sunbroze (£7.99 from Boots) and Mary Kay Creme Lipstick in Black Cherry (£12).
Mary Kay items are always very moisturising, particularly their products for lips. I really like this shade on me. Plum/cherry reds suit my skin tone best. 
I've never tried Max Factor products before but I'm keen on the other stuff on offer after buying this lipstick. It's more of a pearly pink which is great if I wanted to go for a more natural look. I love that this lipstick doesn't smell or taste like wax. 

Have you bought any new lipsticks? Heard about or used Lipcote before? What do you think of it?

*Lipcote is available at www.lipcote.comSuperdrug, Boots, health and beauty stores and independent chemists.

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