MAC Shape & Perfect Brush Set

I got this set of five makeup brushes by MAC a couple weeks ago. They're a collection of packed-to-go brushes so they're short-handled.

I still intend on buying more brushes (not necessarily MAC ones) but I've heard that MAC makeup brushes are really good quality and long lasting so I thought it'd be a good investment. 

I'm still very new to makeup  so haven't really got a clue about what brush is for doing or applying what but I'll soon be a whiz at it. In the past I've just used whatever miniature brush/applicator etc came with the item *holds head down in shame*.

Oh, and how confusing is the numbering system with MAC brushes? Or is it just me?

Brushes from left- right: 187SE, 168SE, 275SE, 212SE, 219SE

The set is £39.50 at

What makeup brushes do you use? Do you have a set or individual brushes? Do you have a favourite?

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