My Ensemble: Grey Day

Oh this weather. I need a Light Box because my energy levels are way low. Darn you Mother Nature. You've deprived us of even the slightest ounce of vitamin D. This kind of weather is the type where you feel like putting everything on hold and just curling up under the duvet all day long.
Grey Knitted Dress (Dorothy Perkins)
Dark Grey Leggings (Next)
Wooly Grey Hat (New Look)
Thin Plaited Belt (H&M)
Boots (Linzi Shoes)
Ring (Peacocks)
Nails (Leighton Denny in Sex Kitten)
Swooping Swallow Love Letter Necklace (

I was drawn to the greys in my closet this morning before I left home (no prizes for guessing why) and figured I'd wear this dress from DP that I bought a couple of months ago. Though I mainly own plain coloured items, I occasionally like wearing clothes with patterns and designs on them, especially knitted ones like this. To give it a bit of shape, I teamed it with this thin belt.

My wooly hats, scarves and gloves are out from the back of my wardrobe so I whipped out this grey one to match.   

Oh, remember the nail varnish from the post I did on October's GlossyBox that was an horrendous shade of blue? Well, as it so happens, it actually goes marvellously well with this outfit. It's growing on me. 
How's the weather been treating you? What colours have you been particularly drawn to lately?

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