My Ensemble: It's Chilly Outside But In My Heart It's Spring

I'm still kind of trying to hold on to a little bit of spring/summer, even though we're in November (and Christmas ads have already began to be bombarded on our TV screens!!) and it gets dark at like 3pm these days. I feel totally robbed by Mother Nature, but that's another story. Gosh is it chilly outside, right? Completely regretted wearing a mini skirt without leggings or tights but like the soldier I am, braved the goose pimples.

This is by far one of my less dressy ensembles but I figured it'll be good to show me in all my elements. Dressed up and down. Where effort and time has been made and put in and on the contrary where practicality and nonchalance has played a part. So here I am, making a dash to the supermarket.
Who: With family
When: Monday 7th November 2011
Where: Supermarket
What: Floral Cardigan (New Look); White Tank Top (New Look); Green Bodycon Mini Skirt (Forever 21); Shoes (Linzi Shoes); Swooping Swallow Love Letter Necklace (; Nails (Barry M in Yellow).
Why: I'm sure we've all been in the situation where we need to quickly go and pick up a few things from the supermarket and throw on anything that looks half decent. Well, this was me earlier on today.

Do you remember my October Wish List? Well, this is the second box ticked out of the nine things I wanted (the first was the Models Own Beetlejuice nail varnish which I blogged about a few days ago >> here). I ordered the Swooping Swallow Love Letter Necklace from after having my eye on it for quite some time. I think the concept is cute and clever. It arrived this morning (beautifully wrapped and packaged, might I add) and I couldn't wait to try it on. Sarah's got some gorgeous pieces in her online shop. I first discovered her jewellery during the time I was following the Look Magazine's AW 2011 Blogging Awards. She was the deserved overall winner. So humble and polite. I've come across a few bloggers who are a bit up themselves because of their success, but anyway, I digress.There were so many fantastic blogs shortlisted but hers really stood out for me visually. In fact, reading her blog gave me so much inspiration to start mine. My photography skills (or lack of) and quality of photos leave a lot to be desired in comparison to how amazing hers are but hey, we've all got to start somewhere. You can check out her blog here.

This is my favourite cardigan. The floral print is so feminine and pretty. I've had it for about three years now and it's one of those pieces that hangs on the foot post of my bed ready to be worn at any moment's notice.

I saw this skirt in Forever 21 for under six quid and decided to buy two, the other being in black. I need to stop going into that store or I'll become bankrupt!

The yellow nails are another attempt to bring some sunshine to my day, because goodness knows we all need it. This gloomy weather is doing nothing great for my mood. Oh, and got to do flats, right? Who shops in high heels?

So this was me, doing a supermarket sprint.

What do you wear to the supermarket? I know that seems like an odd question, which should probably warrant the sarcastic response "clothes" but are you a pyjama and slipper person (I won't judge)? Do you get dressed up? Or, like the majority, just go casual and presentable?

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