NOTD: Dotty Rust Using 'Nailed Polish' By Sleek

My eye caught this nail polish colour last month when I was shopping online at Sleek. It's part of their 'Nailed Polish' collection and is called Rust 37. Because I pretty much have all the basic colours in my personal nail varnish collection, whenever buying polishes these days I tend to go for ones with unusual colours, shades, finishes/effects. I was delighted when I spotted this. 

I recently bought a 5-pack of two-way dotting tools from eBay for £1.70- they come in different dot sizes- and thought I'd go for a different nail look today. 
As it was my first time using it (excuse the white polish still on it in the photo), I was uncertain about how much varnish I needed to put on or the amount pressure I had to apply but I got there in the end. The key is to not put too much varnish so the dot ends up looking like a big, fat dollop on your nail and on the other hand making sure you have enough to ensure more than just a round imprint is made. 

Now, as I learnt, it's important to apply the same amount of pressure for each dot otherwise some will be noticeably bigger/smaller than others, regardless of the fact you're using the same size tool. It's also a good idea to try and plan the dots so you don't get a cluster in one area and a massive gap elsewhere. 

I applied two coats of the 'Rust' -which glides on beautifully and dries super quick- before using my medium dotting pen (the blue one) to add on the white spots (with the white polish from a 24-colour nail art kit I also got from eBay- post on that next week). I really liked the polka dot look. It's cute and eye-catching because these two colours go so well together. 

You can buy the 'Rust' nail varnish at for £3.89.

Have you discovered any unusual nail colours lately? What new nail looks have you tried recently? Leave a comment below.

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