October's GlossyBox

So, I've jumped on the GlossyBox bandwagon, and with the amount of time it's taken me to subscribe, thank goodness it's still moving!

For those of you who aren't familiar with it, the concept is simple. You subscribe for £10 a month (+p&p) and during the second half of each month you'll receive a box (beautifully packaged) full of beauty/cosmetic goodies, five items to be precise. You test out the products and review them on the GlossyBox site. I really like the idea and even more so because it's great to discover other brands and products you wouldn't normally choose or pay interest in.

I subscribed right at the end of October so that means I'll get two Glossyboxes this month (October's and November's). Yay!

As if it wasn't torture enough being one of the last people to get October's box, the stupid postman decided to leave one of those 'we've got something for you' slips instead of actually ringing the buzzer or even knocking at the door so I had to wait 48 hours (working days, which turned out to be 4 days because of the weekend. Yeah, peeved.) before I could collect it. I did so first thing today. Here it is:

Because I had subscribed late in the month, I already knew what to expect inside this one.

 1. DERMALOGICA AGE SMART MultiVitamin Thermafoliant
2. DERMALOGICA AGE SMART Multivitamin Power Recover Masque
I'm not really one for anti-ageing products but, I'm a good sport so I'll test them out over the coming days. 
Even though I wouldn't have necessarily picked this colour (I think it's called 'sex kitten'), I don't have a nail varnish that's this shade of blue so I'll paint my nails with it when the yellow one I currently have on begins to chip off. 
4. STILA Smudge Stick Waterproof Eyeliner
This is a highly pigmented eyeliner, which is great, though swamp green is not my colour of choice. Looked OK, nonetheless and application is a dream. 
5. ROBERT PIGUET Eau de parfums
Took a whiff of these as soon as I opened the box. I luurve me some perfume. All three- Calypso, Visa and Fracas- smell OK and flowery, but a little musky. I dislike musk. Very subtle differences between them in aroma but very nice- if you like musk. Didn't last very long either. If I had to pick one, I'd go for Fracas.
*DERMALOGICA AGE SMART Renewal Lip Complex (With beauty bag)  
I'm always looking for new and different products to help maintain the smoothness and moisture of my lips. I like it, and it smells nice too so I'll be using it before I go to bed in the evenings. Handy bag to pop all the Dermalogica products into as well.   

First impressions go a long way, and I'm, well, impressed. Bring on November's GlossyBox!

If you're interested in subscribing or just want more information on GlossyBox, the website is www.glossybox.co.uk

Do you already subscribe to GlossyBox? If so, what do you think of October's box? If not, is it something you'd consider? Leave a comment below.

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