Perfume Of The Moment: Miss Dior Chérie by Christian Dior

I'm feeling a little under the weather today and didn't really have the energy to do an ensemble piece or test out any products. You know how it is. It's just one of those days. So, I thought I'd share with you my favourite eau de parfum at the moment: Miss Dior Chérie by Christian Dior.

If you know me well then you'll be aware that I love my perfumes, particularly ones by Christian Dior. I pretty much have the whole Poison range, J'adore and now this lil fresh smelling one joins my collection. A lovely addition.

I'm a bit of a snob when it comes to perfume. It has to be a designer brand or I won't take much notice. Yes, they're expensive but unlike a lot of cheaper perfumes out there, the smell doesn't fade within a couple of hours. I like waking up in the morning and getting a whiff of what I wore the previous day, and it not smelling stale. With perfume, you really do pay for quality rather than just the brand.

I've always got to have a fragrance in my bag. You never know when you're going to meet someone and need to freshen up quickly especially for that greeting hug. Or if a stinky person sits next to me on public transport ('cause Lord knows they always seem to pick the seat next to me!) and there's no escaping them, instead of curling up my top lip and screwing up my face, I simply put my hand close to my nose so I can get a whiff of my fragrance.

I change my perfume every three months or so. Over the years, I've acumilated quite an impressive collection, each one holding either a specific memory or memories of a particular stage in my life.

I like Miss Dior Chérie because it's a mature, sweet yet fresh fragrance. I love the cute, feminine bow on the bottle too.

What perfume(s) are you wearing at the moment? What scents do you normally go for and why? Do you have a favourite perfume? Let me know.

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  1. それは、オンラインのグッチ バッグには大きい割引価格で販売が入るからです!!グッチ 長財布グッチ トートバッグそのような安値は、多数の若者をすぐに引きつけました!

  2. Thanks for sharing information, i love this fragrance.


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