Sleek Pout Paint

Occasionally, us ladies will make a risky online make-up purchase that'll have us questioning why on earth we selected that particular product. This is mine: Sleek's Pout Paint lipgloss.

I'm not a big fan of tube lipgloss but nonetheless, last week, I thought I'd try it. There are 11 colours in the range to choose from. I opted for Rosette (last shade on the top colour pallet).

What I DONT like about the product

  • It's a sort of flurescent/neon pink. I'm dark-skinned so that's a no no. However, online it didn't look that bright. You might think it doesn't look so bad, and it may just be that I'm not used to something this bright but it really is an 'in your face' shade of pink;
  • For £4.99 there's not much of it. It really is "purse sized". The whole tube is smaller than the palm of my hand but looks much bigger online! 
  • It's not very easy to apply on evenly;
  • It's not very moisturising to the lips. 

What I DO like about the product
  • It's highly pigmented so the colour is vibrant
  • It dries fast

To Conclude...
It's doesn't necessarily have to be worn on it's own. I can still make use of it by applying it as a base and blending in another one of my pink lipglosses to soften it up a little and use a really moisturising lip balm before application. Maybe I'd like the product more if I had ordered a different colour- the burgundy shade (first on the bottom colour pallet), maybe.  
In all, I would have preferred to have bought a different lipgloss all together. Not necessarily a different brand but something that is easier to apply evenly and not so bright. That's why, I suppose, it's always a good idea to go in-store to try out products.

I'm generally quite fond of products by Sleek but on this occasion their Pout Paint just did not deliver and only gets 4 pearls out of 10 from me.

Have you bought a make-up product online that wasn't quite what you were expecting it to be? Tell me about it.

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