Three Ways I Cleanse My Face

It occurred to me the other day that I have quite a few face-cleansing products which could be put into three different categories in terms of type: foams, creams, and wipes. Here are my three faves

Kleenex Facial Cleansing Wipes (Extra Gentle) (£2.99)-
When Kleenex recently (fairly) brought out their new range of facial cleansers with the tagline "Feel the difference", I certainly did, and was very impressed.
I love the quilted texture of these wipes. They're very moist so don't dry out before you've got round to wiping your whole face (and neck, I like using these behind the ears too), like other face wipes, so one wipe suffices per use. I also use this product to remove makeup. Cleanses very thoroughly indeed.
Out of the three cleanser types, I use the wipes more, probably because they're the most practical. You just taken one out of the packet, wipe and dispose.

Fashion Fair Cleansing Creme With Aloe Vera (£18)-
Although this is great for removing makeup, I use this before applying mine on because as well as cleansing, it adds moisture to my skin, giving a really nice glow for when I put my foundation on. I just dot on some at different points of my face and use round cotton wool pads to wipe my face with it.

Iman Liquid Assets Gentle Foaming Cleanser (£17.50)-
This product foams really well with a gentle lather that's easy to work into the face. Whenever I'm going to be putting on a lot of makeup, I wash my face with this first because it prepares the skin really well and after because it washes it off thoroughly.

Here are some top-rated face cleansers (foamers, creams and wipes). In each category I've found three in different price brackets: cheap and cheerful, affordable and pricey. Shop around though, because you might be able to find some of these items cheaper from other retailers.

What face cleanser(s) do you use? Which face-cleansing type do you prefer and why? Foaming cleansers, wipes or creams? 

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