Vaseline Lip Therapy Limited Edition: Crème Brûlée

I know this post is waaaay late, but I finally remembered to pick this up earlier on in the week when I took a trip to Superdrug (it's £2.99).

I've never eaten crème brûlée before and even though I really like custard, don't particularly have the urge to after trying this but it's alright, actually. Sweet and vanilla-smelling. It's quite similar to the cocoa butter one I've got. I'd really like Vaseline to do a papaya flavour. Love that fruit.

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  1. I've yet to get my hands on this, i bet they wont have any left in the shops. It's so clever how they have expanded the range, and building up the hype with this product! x

  2. Ha. It's nothing special, just over-hyped. I prefer the cocoa butter one... I agree. I'm impressed with how the brand is getting more appealing by expanding its range.


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