Black Radiance Shine Control Primer Review

I've been using the 'Black Radiance Complexion Perfection - Shine Control Primer' (*draws breath in* breathe) for the last month and I'm astonished at how effective it is. My face is quite oily, particularly on my T-zone area and more so when I put on makeup. I hate looking like I've just been chased down the road by a vicious bulldog or just come out of the sauna at the gym. 
It's an American brand so it's not readily available in stores here in the UK but you can purchase it on >> Amazon << in packs of three for roughly £17 (You'll have to go onto the US version because when I checked earlier today, I found that it's currently unavailable on the UK one).
I first heard about it when I was watching a YouTube video by user 'lipSH0CK' (I love viewing her tutorials because I find it fascinating to see how makeup can transform the way a person can look) titled "Beauty Blurb / Control Those Oilies". This product was her number one recommended drug store primer and now I know why. 

I completely trusted her judgement, bought it and totally agree with her for these reasons:

  • APPLICATION is a dream- it's a clean cream that can be put on effortlessly by dabbing and blending. It absorbs really well too, making applying makeup on top a breeze;
  • The FORMULA is perfect. As a water-based cream it isn't sticky, hasn't got an offensive odour, and doesn't leave your skin looking dry or ashy; 
  • The shine control is ridiculously LONG-LASTING (at least 8 hours, I would say);
  • It leaves a lovely flawless FINISH to your look. 

The Black Radiance Complexion Perfection Shine Control Primer gets 5 out of 5 pearls from me!

What face primer(s) do you swear by? Please leave a comment below. 


  1. Great review hun,glad this primer is working for you x

    I have used Lancome face primer& Iman undercover agent oil control and love them both. I rarely use face primer except for special occasions,my skin is dry and my foundatin stays in place all day without using a primer.

  2. You're luck, Sharon. After an hour of makeup on, my face starts to look shiny. I'll take a look at the Lancome and Iman ones you mentioned.

  3. If u want to control oil best choice is the Iman one,gave mine to my sister she has oily skin she can't live without it now lol have a great day &take care

  4. @Sharon: Thanks for the recommendation. :)

    @Sean: Thanks for all your help. I'm constantly working on making it better because I'm not 100% happy with it i.e. design and presentation, better camera for more professional-looking pics etc but right now I really want to get more content on here. Little step, eh? :)


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