November Carmine Beauty Box

Here's November's Carmine box. I thought it was December's one because I've only recently started  subscribing and it arrived yesterday (mid- December!) Anyway, it's a good'un.

1. NEW CID COSMETICS i-Pout Lipstick;
2. DAINTY DOLL Eyeliner Pencil; 
4. LULU'S TIME BOMB Flasback Night Cream;
5. NEOM ORGANICS Real Luxury: Body Lotion.

This is my second New CID product (I got my first in my December JolieBox-- read >> here), and I'm not complaining. I love that the lipsticks and glosses light up and have a mini mirror on the lid. Great for doing a touch up in dark settings. Even though I have quite a collection of cherry/plum red lipsticks, at least this suits my skin tone so yaaay. 
Didn't realise that Nicola Roberts from Girls Aloud had a makeup range. I'll check it out. This eyeliner is OK. Would have preferred it in black though (it's in 'Goody Two Shoes' << basically brown), but I can work with it. Might be more useful and look better on than I think. Will most likely use it on my brows.  

Ah. Perfect for filling in the brows and it also doubles as an eyeliner (if you want to use a brown one). It's in 'Taupe' but is much darker than a taupe.  
Out of curiosity, I've wanted to try a night cream for a while now so was chuffed this was inside. Will use this tonight. 
This is OK but I don't want to smell of it. Reminds me of incense.  

Good stuff. I'm happy.

For more information, head over to

Do you subscribe to the Carmine beauty box as well? What do you think of the products inside this month's box? Have you used any of these products or brands before? Please comment below.  


  1. AAAAH I like the brow ink things! plus, it can be used as an eyeliner too~~~~ what a great product! do you know where I can buy it online? thx

  2. Yep, it's great. You can buy it >> here <<

  3. Wow,u r really into this beauty box thingy lol... Nice goodies&great post x

  4. Ha. I'm just testing a few out at the moment. Will unsubscribe to at least one of them by February.


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