The December Carmine Beauty Box

This is the last of the beauty boxes. I promise! Am I the only one that finds this box a pain to open? By the way, apologies for thinking the last one was December's; I received it at the middle of this month, you see. Anyway, here it is. It's interesting *stokes chin* and came with six goodies. 

1. JAPONESQUE Smudger Brush;
2. WELEDA Pomegranate Creamy Body Wash;
3. MYFACE COSMETICS Blingtone in Sp"ice"y;
4. INSTITUT ESTHEDERM Time Technology Cream; 
5. BENITO BROW BAR Free Brow Threading;
6. KMS CALIFORNIA Freeshape Quick Blow Dry. 
I haven't got a smudger brush and this looks nice and densely packed so will come in handy when creating different eye looks. I had a peek at the Japonseque website and they have some pretty nice makeup accessories. 
This smells so nice. I've heard that pomegranate is good for the skin and like the fact this is a creamy wash, so I'll try this tonight. Oh, excuse the glitter in the swatch photo. The product below is to blame. 
Indeed this will bling up the eyes. A little goes a long way but It's slightly too shimmery and messy for my liking.
This cream promises to give my skin "instant glow" and provide "deep moisturisation". Nice. Very 'Ooh là là' website. Had to mute the music. 
I don't thread my eyebrows. Never have done. I've heard it's very painful. I'm sure one of my friends would appreciate the voucher though. 

 This will "reduce you blowdrying time by up to 50%", which is good because that means you're exposing your hair to less heat. I'll try this on my extensions but not my natural hair because I only use selected products on my real locks and something tells me this product may dry out my natural tresses. 

It's not a particularly festive box, but there are some very nice products inside.

What do you think of this month's box? Have you tried any of the products or brands before? Please leave a comment below.  


  1. U got some great products in there hun,can't wait2hear views on e brush and e glow cream.

    Threading is a bit of a pain but nothing we girls can't handle lol I love threading stays up to a month more than waxing.

  2. Thanks, Sharon...I guess the only reason why I haven't tried threading is because I'm happy with plucking.


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