December JolieBox (Formerly Boudoir Privé)

It's here! Boudoir Privé is now JolieBox. They've teamed up with France's leading beauty box subscription service which has worked with top brands such as Benefit, Essie and Lancôme .Weh-heh-heh-heh-hell! Let me tell you ladies, this month's box is a scorcher!

The dimensions of the box are slightly smaller, but what it may lack in size, it definitely makes up for in contents.

1. OPI Gold Shatter Nail Lacquer;
3. JANE IREDALE 24-Karat Gold Dust;
5. YON-KA Vital Defence;
*BONUS 1* KUSMI Detox Tea;
*BONUS 2* (Hidden under wrapping paper) JOLIEBOX Concealer Brush.

Although I've already got a few shatter effect nail polishes, I love OPI so whey-hey! Aaaannd, it's the full size *does cartwheel*  
 This is a new brand to me and I'm already in love with. Yay. The item not only has a mini mirror on the side (sorry, forgot to photograph it), but it also lights up, which is perfect for when you're out clubbing or partying and need apply some gloss in the dark. When I looked at the colour ('Coconut Ice'), I thought: "No way will that suit me", but it does. It's a nude, which is loverly!
This shimmer powder is great. It's in 'Rose Gold' and even though it can be applied all over e.g. "eyes, lips, body and even hair" (<< what? seriously? no thanks), I reckon it's best on the cheeks. 
Nothing particularly wow-smelling about this but I shall try it when I shower tonight before bed. 
This sample came in a little tube. I'm not into anti-ageing products but the anti-pollution element is selling this to me. London is ridiculously congested with toxic fumes we don't notice so even though I'll have to use it over time to notice it's effects, I'll give it a go. 
 Bonuuuuusss! Whooop! I love tea, and with all the X-mas grub I'l be stuffing my face with, this will surely come in handy for my post-Christmas detox regime. 
Bonuuussss number two. Whooop whooop! It was hidden underneath the wrapping paper as a surprise. Good thing I read the email I was sent earlier this week about looking out for the additional item, otherwise I may have chucked it away with the box, unknowingly. I have a few concealer brushes but another one won't hurt. This brush is nice and soft so thumbs up. 

Oh JolieBox. Oh JoliBox. How lovely are your items?! I love it. I love it....Did I mention that I love it?

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Do you subscribe to JoileBox too? What do you think of the first ever UK one? Have you used any of these products or brands before? Please comment below.  


  1. Received my first Joliebox today - very pleased with it. At first, I tried the Gold Crackle polish and thought it didn't work - but then I found out it's because I have Shellac on my nails and it doesn't work with that apparently! Biggest surprise was the lip gloss - I don't normally like gloss, but this one actually has great coverage. I got the pinker one, and it's very nice.

  2. Yeah, I'm impressed.... Really? Doesn't work with Shellac? I wonder why that is... Yes, I luuuurve the lip gloss too. They have a nice range of gloss colours and shades. :)

  3. Wow you were right this really is amazing!

  4. Hi Blaque Pearl,

    my nickname is ddoja.
    have used one of your photos on my blog.
    my blog -
    in our country, do not have a product of new cid.
    so, use your i-gloss photo.
    if you do not want, i'll delete the pictures.
    permission, please

    1. Yes sure. Thank you for letting me know and putting a link back to my blog.


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