Face Of The Day Using The Black Up 05 Duo Palette

This is my first ever Face Of The Day (FOTD) post. I'm still a beginner at applying makeup (as I keep stressing, so be nice!) but I think I'm getting better at it and definitely finding certain things easier to do. I didn't really have anywhere to go so just took it as a makeup practice exercise.

I wanted to use some of my new buys so I went with the Black Up Duo Palette (see Makeup Haul post >> here). Because of the colours in the palette, I decided to wear a nude lipgloss. Personally as a general rule of thumb, if I'm wearing vibrant eyeshadow, I go with a nude/subtle face, and vice versa, if I have a neutral face and eyes, I team the look with bright lips. Stage makeup is different. That has no rules really. But since I'm dealing with everyday life, I stick to this rule to avoid looking like a clown.

OK... so here it is:

Black Radiance Complexion Perfection Shine Control Face Primer
Yana Cosmetics Liquid Foundation in 'No. 9' (have a read of my review >> here)
Mary Kay Concealer in 'Bronze 2'
MAC Blush in 'Sweet As Cocoa'
Sleek Contour and Highlight Kit in 'Dark'

NYX Eyeshadow Base in 'Pearl'
Black Up Duo Eyeshadow in 05
Collection 2000 Fast Stroke Liquid Eyeliner
Collection 2000 Mascara in 'Black'
Eyelashes (I don't know. These were put on me during a makeup workshop I attended)
Sleek Eyebrow Pencil in 'Black'

MAC Lipglass in 'Liquorish'

I intend on getting MAC's eyebrow pencil in 'Stud' because black is too dark for the brows (and even though my eyebrows are naturally quite dark, no one has jet black eyebrows) and some browns are too light but I put this on as lightly as possible so it doesn't look too bad.

I'm not really feeling these lashes because they're a bit too dramatic for my liking. Also, as the eyelash clusters are separated rather than densely packed, your natural eyelashes don't blend very well with them.

I despise liquid eyeliner! It's messy and gives you very little control (and as I don't have a very steady hand, it can sometimes end up looking like a kindergarten kid put it on for me). I need to buy the gel liner by MAC and I've heard the one by Maybelline is really good too.

I'm getting much much better at blending though, so yaaay!

What do you think?  

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  1. I think you did a really good job considering that you are a novice at applying make up. The eye shadow looks lovely and I really like the way the two colours blend. I have never tired Black Up before, I came across them a few years ago in Morleys in Brixton but never bought anything. I need to get out of my MAC rut.

  2. Aaaaw, thanks....Yeah, MAC is great but there are so many other fantastic makeup brands out there.


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