Fresh Therapies: Eden Natural Nail Polish Remover

I tested out Eden natural nail polish remover over a week ago and was so impressed with the results and the product as a whole that I purchased the full 50ml bottle.

How does it compare to other nail polish removers?

PRICE: At £12 (inclusive of p&p) for 50ml, it's considerably more than your standard nail polish remover which costs less than £3 for a 100ml/200ml bottle (less for more)

PACKAGING: Comes boxed and product is contained within a swanky glass bottle, as opposed to a plastic one.

APPEARANCE: Clear in colour rather than other removers which are often artificially coloured pink, purple, blue or yellow;

SCENT: Unlike other nail polish removers that are offensive and toxic in odour, this is citrous smelling; 

INGREDIENTS:  This product is made from under ten natural ingredients which are vegetable or fruit derived compared to other nail remover brands which have double the amount of ingredients (and un-natural ones), including acetate (which gives off that horrible odour).

USE: Easy and quick to remove nail polish with and you only need a few dabs onto cotton wool to remove varnish on all nails; Other brands are also easy and quick to remove nail varnish but you often have to wet the cotton wool with more of the product to complete both hands.  

NAIL CARE: It moisturises your nails and cuticles, rather than drying them out and making them feel brittle and weak. 

As you may know, I have a four-month-old, so I've always been concerned about exposing him to the instantly inhaled chemicals that are present in nail polish removers. For this reason, I normally go into another room to take off my nail varnish, so this product instantly appealed to me.  

I don't know if you can see in the photo above, but it left a nice, temporary sheen on my nails. One of the selling points for me with this product is the fact that it doesn't damage the natural oils within the nails. I already suffer from pealing nails so this gentle, nourishing treatment provides some relief. 

Also, the Barry M Crackle Effect Nail Paint (post >>> here) discoloured my nails yellow. I'm glad to say that this product has gradually restored my nails to their natural colour. It's also really effective at removing dark nail polishes.

So, definitely buy it if....
  • have a baby/todler or young children;
  •'re pregnant;
  •'re generally particular about inhaling the chemicals present in most nail products (which can often give headaches);
  • dislike the strong smell of acetone lingering in your room after usage;
  • like natural products.
Don't buy if...
  • think £12 is too pricey for a bottle of nail polish remover.
I'm thinking about exclusively using this product. With the amount of times I change my nail polish in a month and considering how very little you need to completely remove varnish on both hands, I estimate that one bottle could last me anywhere between three to four months. I don't mind spending £12 quarterly for it.
Eden natural nail polish remover gets 9 pearls out of 10 from me!

For more information and/or to request a sample, visit

Have you heard of or tried this product before? If so, what do you think of it? What nail polish remover do you use? Are you even that concerned about the type of nail products you use?


  1. that looks like an awesome polish remover, thanks so much for sharing!

  2. This product sound amazing,I want it thanx for sharing!


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