Night Eyes: 'Humid' Eye Shadow by MAC

Friday was my office X-mas party so I decided to add a bit of colour to my eyes by doing a green smokey eye look (I can't get enough of the smokey eye!) using my MAC Eye Shadow in 'Humid'.

1. To avoid creasing and allow the colours to really 'pop', I primed my eyelid using NYX eyeshadow primer in 'pearl'.

2. Then I applied the bronze shade from my Black Up 05 Duo Palette (post >> here) in the inner corner of my eye, up to a third of the way out.

3. Using a dabbing technique (in order to get maximum pigment), I applied the 'Humid' eyeshadow starting slightly over the bronze and then all the way out with a densely packed eyeshadow brush.  

4. Next, using a pointed brush (for precision) I applied a dark brown shade (from my Blush Cosmetics 88 Colour Hot Earth Palette - - post >> here) all the way into the crease of my eye to add depth.

5. Using a black eyeshadow (also from my Blush Cosmetics 88 Colour Hot Earth Palette), I formed a small sideways 'v' in the outer corner of my eye and worked it very slightly  into the creasy of my eye (making sure not to go all the way in).

6With a pencil brush, I applied some bronze in the lower inside corner of my eye and a quarter of the way out,  then the 'Humid' to the other 75% of my lower lash line. 

7. I used a clean medium sized blending brush to to ensure all the colours were well blended together.  

8. I applied Maybelline's gel eyeliner to my top lash line. 

9. Next I used my Mary Kay Concealer in 'Bronze 2' to tidy up the look and define the smoke. 

10. Finally, after applying some Rimmel Scandal Eyes Macara, I completed the look with a pair of false lashes ..... Voila! Party over here!

What do you think? What are some of your favourite eyeshadow looks for nights out?

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  1. Pure gorgeousness hun! Love it xx

    I wear whatev comes2e mind but I always have my bold lip

  2. Thank you, Sharon....Oh really? I love bright lips but very few bright, bold shades suit me. I often go for subtle lips because as I don't really wear eyeshadow during the day, at night I tend to focus more on my eyes.


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