NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss

I've become more of a lipstick wearer of late but I still like a little bit of gloss every so often. I bought four NYX glosses on eBay about three weeks ago. As they were coming from The States they only arrived today. All of them smell really nice - plum-like actually- and glide on really well with a very high-shine finish (as you would expect). 

Here's what they look like on my lips. Bear in mind that I'm not wearing any lip pencil or foundation and haven't muted out my top lip (which is much darker in pigmentation compared to my bottom lip) with a foundation or concealer, for example. 
I only really like two of them. My favourite is 'Garnet'. It's a gorgeous cherry red, the most pigmented of the four glosses, and suits me the best. I like 'Tanned' too; it's a lovely nude. 'Pink Rose' is VERY bright, even though it looks quite subtle in the photo. Great if I was going for a modern black Barbie look but that's not my thing so erm, nah. I didn't like the way 'Taupe' came out. It was frosty-looking, and I hate frosty lip gloss. I think they can look cheap. Just as well that I only paid £2.50 for each of them. 

Which is your favourite of the swatched glosses? Have you tried NYX lip glosses before? Which ones and in which shades/colours? Please leave a comment below. 


  1. I'm liking garnet too! gorgeous shade of red :)

    Marie x


  2. I love all those lip colors esp the garnet!!!



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