Winter 2011 GlossyBox For Men

OK, so this is one for the fellas. There's a beauty box for you lot too and here it is: the GlossyBox for MEN! It's quarterly-so you get one every three months- and comes with seven product samples. The box costs £15 plus £2.98 p&p.
I got this for my husband- who was very adamant about it because he's not into beauty products at all- because despite the fact he's a simply guy when it comes the cosmetics, I was curious to see how he'd respond to the products inside.
It's a grey-ish/ browny coloured box, which is a good, safe masculine colour. Normal, nice presentation inside i.e. ribbon tied into a bow (my husband didn't really care about that detail. Ha!)
1. YVES SAINT LAURENT La Nuit de L'Homme and L'Homme (£43 / 60ml);
2. MONU Vitru Conditioning Body Wash (£12.25 / 200ml);
3. MONU Vitru Energy Rub (£15 / 150ml);
4. GOLDWELL StyleSign Roughman - Matte Cream Paste (£9 / 100ml);
5 GOLDWELL Dualsenses FOR MEN Hair & Body Shampoo (£7.60 / 300ml);
 6. MURAD Clarifying Mask (£35 / 75g);
7. SHAVEWORKS The Cool Fix (£31 /156ml)

My hubby doesn't really like YSL fragrances so wasn't excited when he saw these samples in the box. To me they smell OK but OK as in just standard, typical male smelling perfumes. Both smell really similar. The only difference is that the eau de toilette (L'Homme) is milder. 
Body wash is usable. He's tried energy rubs before and reckons they're a waste of money. 
 Yep, he could use the hair and body shampoo but as for the hair gel? Well, he's black and has short hair so erm, no. 
 This is the only product that he seemed remotely happy with, even though he hardly ever breaks out in spots and already has lovely skin. 
 My husband luckily doesn't suffer from any of these things so this product is irrelevant to him but I suppose it seems like a promising solution if he did. 

My verdict on the box is that you'd pretty much have to be a hardcore metrosexual to appreciate its contents otherwise you'll find it to be a bit of a disappointment. However, it's a good way of discovering cosmetics brands. Overall, my husband was far from impressed and no way will he spend that much money on for the full sized products. He's not fazed by the marketing spiels or what super-rare ingredient is inside a product. Let's just say I'll be hitting that 'unsubscribe' button. 

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Ladies, did you get a GlossyBox for Men for your brother, dad, uncle, other half? I'd love to know their thoughts on it. 

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