Black Pearl Monthly Round-Up: October 2011

Hello, my lovelies. Here's an overview of what I've blogged about this month. If you've missed any of the posts or haven't gotten round to reading some of them yet, now's the perfect opportunity to sit down with a cup of tea and have a little read (or skim).

Here are my favourite ensemble pieces for October:

Click on the links to view the posts: 

Shiny Imitation Leather Jacket From Bershka My lovely new jacket from Bershka is yet to be worn but I'm sure the temperatures predicted for November will warrant it coming off the hanger.

Nightclub Trends: The Bow Tie Do you think your partner would look good in a bow tie?

Celeb Boutique: Kimmy Adelisa Bodycon Dress Have a look at the figure-hugging dress I bought from this online boutique. 

My End of Month Wish List for October Just a few things I have my eye on.


MAC Virgin No Mo' Take a look at what I bought when I took my very first trip to a MAC store. 

My Daily Body Care Regime The products i use every day to help keep me 'body beautiful'. 

Red Lipstick For Black Women Red lips are super hot in the cold months. If you have dark skin, choosing the right shade of red isn't easy. Have a look at my mini quest to find the perfect tone of red for my lips.  

Photography By...Catherine Doherty A look at photography by my friend Catherine.


November is going to be more of a makeup and beauty month for me. I've recently subscribed to Boudoir Privé and GlossyBox, so I'll be expecting my first beauty boxes which I'll test out and review. If you're not familiar with them, well, the concept is simple. You subscribe (it's it's about £10 a month per box)  Every month they send you six or seven selected makeup and beauty samples to test out and review at your leisure. It's a great concept, I think. Have a look at their websites for more information:

I'll be buying and trying out new makeup and beauty products, trends and looks, as standard.

That's not to say I'll be abandoning fashion. Oh no. I'll, of course, have more 'My Ensemble' posts and sharing my new fashion purchases with you all. The temperature's dropping so expect to see faux fur, coats, boots and hats. 

Finally, I know you guys love me loads so I'd be really grateful if you could please leave feedback at the end of my posts to let me know your thoughts. Let's engage!  

Also, if you'd like to keep up with my posts, follow me on Bloglovin'. Hype my looks on Lookbook (links are also on the right-hand sidebar). 

What's been your favourite post this month? What kind of posts would you like me to do more of?

See you on the other side(well, tomorrow). 

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My Ensemble: As Keen As Mustard

You guys know the drill. Here's another one of my ensemble's. This one's a pretty mustard fit and flare number.

Who: Family
Where: Church
When: Sunday 30th October 2011
What: Mustard fit and flare dress (Dorothy Perkins); Silk scarf (New Look) Shoes (Forever 21); Headband (Miss Selfridge); Bag (Next); Ring (Peacocks) Nails (Collection 2000: 181 Rustique and 274 Cocoa)
Why: Cute, litte dresses- be it the fit and flare or skater dress to name a couple styles- are very in and have been since the spring/summer this year. I bought this mustard-coloured dress two months ago and it's been living in my wardrobe since because the material was too thick to wear in the temperatures we had in August and September. This style of dress is so feminine and I love the way it flows and glides freely with every movement. Here are a few other really nice ones I spotted in stores and online:
These shoes! I need not say much. The studs and lace up detailing at the back is just...! I bought them from Forever 21 (which is rapidly becoming my favourite clothes retailer) and when I tried them in store they seemed to fit OK but when I got home and put them on again they miraculously felt a little tight. The solution was simple. I'd go and exchange the pair for a size bigger. But when I did I was told they had sold out. I stood in the store like a spoilt child. I loved them too much so I decided to buy a shoe stretcher from Clarks and guess what? They did the trick and now my feet fit all nice and snug in them. The way it should be.

These types of dresses go well with a belt around the ribcage area. It helps break up the shape really well. I was going to wear a thinner one but opted for this chunkier belt instead because of the detail.

I've had the gold plait hairband for two years now but haven't worn it much. It's a girly hair accessory and looks good with a fringe, I think.

Now you guys know I love silk scarves, right? I have quite a few (though many are yet to make an appearance in the 'My Ensemble' posts). This is a gold, cream, and grey belt and chain one and complements the colour tone of the dress.

So that's me. As keen as mustard.

What cute, little day dresses have you got in your wardrobe?

MAC Virgin No Mo'

OK. So, you might not believe this, but two weeks ago was the first time I'd ever been into a MAC store or bought any MAC products. As far as makeup goes, I've never really been that enthusiastic about it. Until now that is. I've discovered a passion for makeup and beauty products that I never new I had. You see, I've never been the type to wear a lot of makeup. In fact, I don't wear any on a daily basis. I can easily and confidently go out without any on and not feel self-conscious.

You might remember the post I did on red lipstick for black women, well, that was when I took my first visit into the wonderful world of MAC.

Of course I've been into make-up stores before and have had testings etc etc. I've got some Fashion Fair, Iman, Mary Kay, L'Oréal stuff but I'm by far what you would call a makeup junky. It's fair to say that I'm at the other end of that spectrum.

I normally go for a simple light coating of foundation, eyeliner, mascara and a little blush with an occasional application of lipgloss. Simple enough.

I kind of feel like a pre-pubescent school girl who's desperate to learn about makeup and try out loads of products. I'm ashamed. I'm in my twenties and I've got so much to learn about makeup. I don't even have a makeup brush set. That's how uninterested I used to be when it came to makeup.

So anyway, back to my visit. I was fourth in the queue to see a MAC beautician. While I waited half an hour I tried on a few lipsticks. I was unfortunate to be given a sales assistant who just said to me "OK babe, go and sit over there and try those ones out and let me know what you think. I'll be back." Before I knew it, she'd disappeared and was serving someone else. What! Was that what I waited half an hour for? To be told something I was already doing anyway?! The understanding side of me was empathetic to the fact that they were a little rushed but the consumer in me was disgusted by the customer service (or lack of) she gave me.  Nonetheless, I'll be going there early one morning when they're less busy so I can test more products and have a good chat about the ins and outs about makeup *BBM can't watch face*.

Before purchasing, the woman who was supposed to be helping me gave me her name on a piece of paper to give at the till. I felt like ripping it up because she hadn't assisted me at all (she hadn't given me tips on things like how to select what suits me, how apply my lip liner etc) Instead, during my visit, another member of staff (who I so wish I had gotten paired with) had helped me out in between serving her own clients. Here's what I bought in the end:

Don't get me wrong, I still stand by the rule that less is more and staying as natural or subtle-looking is the best way to go. I think makeup (for me, anyway) should be about enhancing the features you already have, rather than applying so much on that you look like a totally different person.

I'll be doing a feature in the coming days about what's currently in my makeup bag. And don't laugh. Promise?

When did you first find a 'love' or interest for makeup? What is your favourite makeup brand or product?

My Ensemble: Time Flies

 I actually can't believe it. There's only just over two more months left of 2011. Time flies, huh? I know it sounds a bit of a cliché, but it really does feel like not too long ago we saw the year in.

Who: Shopping (window shopping, that is. Didn't buy anything, but made a couple of exchanges which kind of makes you feel like you've bought something new. Anyway...)  with little bubba and a close friend 
Where: Shopping Centre
When: Thursday 27th October 2011
What: Dress (Dorothy Perkins); Leggings (Next); Boots (Linzi Shoes); Clock Necklace (H&M); Wings Ring (Forever 21); Nails (Bourjois Paris, So Laque Vinyle in Beige Glamour)
Why: I've started wearing my wollies 'cause the temperature's started to noticeably drop. I like this dress. It's what I like to call a 'stand alone' piece i.e. there's so much going on with it that any accompanying accessories must be kept plain or to an absolute minimum. Hugs my figure too. I'm all about bright colours (not in an attention seeking kind of way) and that morning, I was drawn to orange. The colour orange apparently represents enthusiasm and adventure. Now, as ever, I was very much enthused to go out shopping but wasn't planning on having any adventures spending-wise (pay day's not here yet) so one out of two 'aint bad.

The weather was forcaste for 13 degrees with rain so I figured I should wear my coat (for the first time since the end of winter earlier this year) but I didn't have it on for long because I had forgotten just how warm it is. Lord! I almost got baked in that thing! Turns out it's not 'cold-cold' just yet.

Those boots. My fave. Remember the post I did on them? (if not, click here).

I love love love this wings ring from Forever 21 and hadn't worn it since I bought it a couple weeks ago so as it went with the outfit popped it in my middle finger. As you do.

When I bought this clock necklace by no means was I trying to jack Flava Flave's style. I just liked it. To me it's symbolic. Symbolic of how very little time we have and that every moment is precious. It's one thing to be alive, but we have to live. OK, I'll stop with all that deep stuff....

Oh yeah, and speaking of time, don't forget to put the clocks back an hour this Sunday. An extra hour's sleep! Now that's what I'm talking about! Happy snoozing!...

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Body Beautiful: My Daily Body Care Regime

I never realised how many beauty products I hoard, so late last week, I did a clear out of the lotions and potions I hardly use. I'm quite basic when it comes to skincare and use a handful of products regularly.
I'm by no means a beauty expert, however, the products mentioned are what work for me and are tried and tested. Here's what I use daily:

Bathing- I don't use soap because I find that it tends to dry out my skin. Instead, Dove Cream Oil Beauty Bath does the trick. It not only softens my skin but also replenishes moisture. Also, I love the fragrance. It lingers on my body for a few hours after use, which is great.

Moisturising- I have very dry skin so the products I use to moisturise my body with specifically cater to my skin type. Dove Intensive Nourishment Body Lotion (For Extra Dry Skin) is good. I normally use this after showering/bathing at night before bed or after I shower/bath when I plan to stay at home. Why? Because as much as it oils my skin, it's not as long lasting. I use this on my face as well but mix in a little water because my face can get a little oily otherwise.
Palmer's Cocoa Butter (the one in the tub) is far more oil-based and keeps my skin hydrated for an entire day. That's why I opt for this if I'm going out.

Stretch Marks- I gave birth just over three months ago so I'm plagued with stretch marks (well, it's not that bad, just quite noticeable). As with the moisturisers, I use the Bio Oil for going out (as it's more oil-based) and the Palmer's Massage Lotion For Stretch Marks if I'm staying in (because it's more water-based). I started using both from the beginning of my pregnancy, as recommended for best results. I find that the Boi Oil just lightens the stretch marks but it does work. The Palmer's one is a little more effective in that it smoothens/softens the marks so that they blend better with the skin around them.

There's nothing worse than chapped lips, especially in autumn/winter when the weather is extra harsh and the skin is more likely to peel off. If you wear lipstick often, it's imperative that you look after your lips in order to get the best look out of your product.

Petroleum Jelly- This is a must for lip care. Nothing works like it. I have the cocoa butter and aloe vera ones.

Cocoa Butter- Not as great as petroleum jelly but a very good alternative that I often use.

Tea Tree- Before I started buying Mary Kay makeup I had no idea that you need to exfoliate, cleanse, tone and wash. I just used to do the 'wash' part. But my representative went through the steps with me. I like the tingly sensation I get after using tea tree products. I really feel my pores clear up, so thats what I mainly use on my face. The cleanser & toner and facial wash are from Superdrug's own range and are really good. I use The Body Shop's exfoliating wash (for oily skin) because I prefer theirs to Superdrug's.

Face Wipes- Kleenex recently brought out a new facial cleansing range . I use the facial cleansing wipes at the end of the day or when I've just come in from outside to get rid of the superficial muck that's landed on my face. It cleans really thoroughly and unlike some other face wipes, doesn't dry up quickly. It stays moist and you only need one wipe per clean.

Occasional Use Products- I use the Body Shop Tea Tree Face Mask every three days. You only have to leave it on for 10 minutes but I normally put mine on for an hour or so while I carry out other tasks at home. The results are instantly noticeable. My little bubba hates this product and cries whenever I put it on because he doesn't like green-faced mummy.

I normally use the Iman Liquid Assets Gentle Foaming Cleanser if I'm going 'out-out' and will be putting on more make-up than usual. It prepares the skin really well.

Electric Toothbrush- Now, I only recently bought myself an electric toothbrush. After first use, I thought to myself "What the hell's taken me so long to buy one"? The results compared to a manual toothbrush are incomparable. Amazing. I have Oral B's Vitality White Clean.

Toothpaste- My dentist recommended Sensodyne ProNamel for me three years ago because I have quite sensitive teeth and I haven't used anything else since. Even if you don't have sensitive gnashers it's a good toothpaste to use.

Mouthwash- Colgate Plax Multi-Protection Mouthwash was another recommendation from my dentist. I used to use Listerine but it's a bit harsh on my teeth and gums. I normally have a rinse of this after a meal.

Hand Cream- Having a baby means that I now wash my hands ten times as much as I used to before. The Superdrug Optimum Hand Cream softens and nourishes my skin and has a pleasant fragrance too. I see no need in buying really expensive hand cream because this works just as well.  

Nail Care- I'm not always able to paint my nails because I do a fair share of domestic work and don't always have enough time to. However, the Rimmel London Nail Rescue Varnish helps to strengthen my nails, which have a tendency to split or break.

So that's it. Here they all are (minus the Palmer's Stretch Mark Lotion 'cause I finished it yesterday):

Wow. When I lay them out like that it seems like a lot of products to use every day. What do you use as part of your daily body care regime?

Photography by...Catherine Doherty

I love photography (looking at rather than taking- I'm not so good at it). So, as a blog feature, I'd like to share some of my favourite photographers' works with you. This week, the spotlight is on my dear friend Catherine, who took my wedding and maternity photos (have a look at one here).

We first met at uni where we were both studying journalism. It's funny, but we didn't really speak that much 'til after we graduated. That's when I realised she had a love of photography. She's modest. Doesn't give herself the credit she deserves for her work. Here's the lady herself with a little intro.

My name is Catherine, I just turned 23, and live in north London. I just finished my BA in Journalism at City University in the summer, and I'm now studying for a Graduate Diploma in Law at The College of Law, London Bloomsbury.
I have always been interested and excited about taking photographs and recording memories, which only intensified when my little brother was born in 2002. I loved photographing him, and when I got my own Sony digital camera in the Spring of 2004, I was hooked. I read a lot about photography online in the following year, and for my 17th birthday in 2005, I was lucky enough to get a Canon Rebel (300D) DSLR, and have never looked back. It came with me everywhere, and I learned a lot about photography just from using it for family snapshots. When I moved toToronto to study for six months last January, I'd been wanting to upgrade my camera for a while, and decided that it was the right time, before I took off to travel around the United States. I bought my current camera, a used, but very nicely kept Canon 40D in the Spring of 2010, and have never looked back.
I've never done any photography courses, but I have read a few photography books that were immensely helpful with mastering the basics - most notably Scott Kelby's "The Digital Photography Book", and Bryan Peterson's "Understanding Exposure"; I recommend the latter to anybody wanting to get better photos from their camera, particularly an SLR.
But most of all, my inspiration comes from enjoying other people's work. I love Tara Whitney's family photography in particular ( She captures moments, and she captures families and people as they are. That is my goal as a photographer.

We went out for lunch at Westfield, Stratford City, had a catch up and of course, took some photos (we forgot to take one together 'cause my little man stole her attention for most of the day, lol).

Over our meal (we went to Rhythm, a West Indian Restaurant. Try their jerk chicken and rum punch! Yum!) she showed me her favourite pic and told me why she loved it so much:

"It may seem an odd choice for a 'favourite' photo; I'd only had my SLR for a few months, so it's not great technically, it's out of focus, and has bad composition. I chose it because it's so symbolic of my passion for photography, and that is capturing moments.
This was taken Christmas of 2005, when my little sister Anna, the little girl in the picture, was 16 months old. She just turned seven last month, and sometimes I look back at these and can't imagine that she was so small.
It was her big brother, Jamie, that inspired me to pick up a camera nine years ago now, and I've never looked back. I love to photograph their childhood. Of course, I love the posed, smiley shots for my picture frames. But these are the photos I covet, and that I treasure.
I love the expression on her face. I love her little pigtail. I love her chubby arms and hands. I love HER, and I love that I captured this pure happy moment in her life. It makes me smile every time I see it. "

I love this photo too. She totally captured that happy moment.

If you haven't read the post yet, here are the photos she took for the 'My Ensemble: Apple and Cherry' piece.

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My Ensemble: Power Dressing

The term 'power dressing' was first coined in the late 1970s and reflected the styles worn by those in professional fields such as business and politics. Influential women like Britain's Prime Minister at the time, Margaret Thatcher, and characters from top TV shows such as Dynasty and Dallas played a huge part in its popularity.

Power dressing is all about looking important. An authority figure, if you will. This particular style was very masculine in the 1980s (the decade that I was born in - cue Calvin Haris, Acceptable In The 80s). Back then it was all about the tailor made jackets with humongous shoulder pads and bright colours. In fact, those colourful accents still stand true to modern day power dressing though a little more toned down and now far more feminine.

Seeing as I'm currently on maternity leave, I don't really have anywhere to go where the dress code is corporate. Nonetheless, here's my attempt at power dressing for early autumn:

Who: With family
Where: To church
When: Sunday 23rd October 2011
What: Red silk pussy bow dress (Forever 21); 3/4 length, grey, cable knotted sleeveless cardigan (Forever 21); Patent peep toe shoes (Samana Shoes); Patent bag (Dorothy Perkins); Ring (New Look); Croc effect belt (Krisp Clothing); Red lipstick (MAC Viva Glam I)
Why: My monthly TM Lewin catalog came through the post a week ago or so and while having a flick through it, something (which escapes me now) triggered my mind back to the 2011 series of The Apprentice (UK version). My favourite dresser, without a shadow of a doubt was Melody Hossaini. Now that girl had corporate style and no one can fault her for that. That's when power dressing came to mind and I thought I'd give it a go but with a twist i.e. without the standard suit, make it relevant to the season. Also, there's something (unintentionally) Milan about this look. I like it. One of my favourite outfits that I've put together, ever.

What do you think of my attempt at power dressing? What's the best power dressing/ corporate outfit you've put together? What did it consist of?

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My End Of Month Wish List: October

Only a few more sleeps 'til payday. Yay! Here are a few things that I'd love to get next month. The key part of that sentence is "love to get". I don't necessarily need them but the little spoilt child in me is saying: "I want and if I don't get, I'll scream and scream and scream!" 

1. Leather twist lock vintage style satchel (ASOS)
3.Grey Funnel Neck coatigan (Dorothy Perkins)
4. Model's Own Beetlejuice Nailvarnish
5. New York Tan Studded Trench Coat (Celeb Boutique)
6. Yossi Hood Snood (All Saints)
7. Wooden Wedge Boots (Next)
8. Cable Knitted Skirt (Miss Selfridge)
9. Swooping Swallow Love Letter Necklace (

Doing a wish list collage is helpful in so many ways: 
1) You can have a good look at what styles you're currently intersted in (i.e. shapes, patterns, fittings, materials etc)
2) You can see what colours you're drawn to at the moment. For me, this month seems to be the light greys, greens (particularly mint) and the tan/khaki/gold/brown pallet .  
3) Helps you budget by separating what you need from what you want. Or, if like me, they're all just what you want, then it's a good way of picking out your favourite item, with a realistic hope of purchasing it. 

Well, some of these things will remain just a wish (sigh), but I think I deserve to treat myself to a few of them (or at least one). After all, it would be miser-like of me not to.

What's currently on your wish list?

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Kiss Me Quick!: Red Lipstick For Black Women

Whoever said red lipstick doesn't look good on dark-skinned ladies was clearly mistaken. There's a misconception that black women can't pull off the look but it's all about finding the right shade of red to suit your skin tone.

But be careful with red in general. Worn with the wrong outfit, red lipstick can look trashy and red-light-district-esque. However, teamed with a classy ensemble, it's chic chic chic. The colour itself exudes confidence, sexiness and sassiness and now that autumn is here, this look is the one. Here are some black celebs rocking red lippy with confidence:

I asked some of my black friends to wear some red lipstick for me and take a pic.

Looking lovely, ladies!

So, after doing loads of asking around, a few recommended brands and shades began to pop up a lot. Here they are:

MAC Cosmetics -Dubonnet, Underworld, and Viva Glam I
Benefit – Ruby Vibes and Ms. Behavin (perfect for much darker skin)
NARS – Tamango and Bad Education (Gloss)
Lorac – Tango (really good brown red with shimmer)
Dior - Red Icon (fierce)

I went to my local MAC store to try out the shades above, plus Ruby Woo. I ended up buying Viva Glam I because out of the four I tried, this shade of red suited my skin tone the best.

One of the MAC ladies gave me this useful tip for when selecting red lipstick:
"For olive or dark skin, orange-based reds/ deep cool red with burgundy tones usually look best as opposed to blue-based reds."
Sounds simple enough, right? It is, but you really must try on a few to find the right shade and tone for you. I didn't put the red lip liner on properly (which you absolutely must do to avoid looking a right state when it bleeds) because I quite frankly couldn't be bothered, after the second application, to keep re-applying it before every test, and the photo is a little grainy but anyway here I am with it on:

Oh yeah, to avoid colour clashing, wear red lipstick with red, white and/or black. Gold, electric blue and grey go well too.

Have you been wearing red lippy lately? What brand and shade do you wear?

My Ensemble: Apple & Cherries

Mucho apologies for not posting yesterday. I had a long, yet fun day out. Anywho, here's an ensemble piece to prove I wasn't just at home in my jim jams. 

Photos by the lovely Catherine Doherty

Who: Much needed catch up with my friend Catherine Doherty (photographer)
What: Apple Green Cardigan (River Island); Cherry Skinny Jeans (New Look); Flats (Linzi Shoes); Bangle (Miss Selfridge); Necklace (Top Shop); Bag (Next); Hat (New Look
Where: Westfield, Stratford City
When: Friday 21st October 2011
Why: I hadn't seen Catherine since my baby shower in May this year and thought it was high time we met up for lunch, a chat and of course some pics. 

It occurred to me that a lot of stores are gearing up for Christmas (yes, it's a little early). I too, thinking about how incredibly quickly this year has gone by so far, started to feel somewhat excited about the impending season, so thought I'd go a little festive without being too festive (hence why I'm only wearing a cherry red as opposed to bright red). 

I went for casual, as you can see. The cardigan (which is a tad bit itchy when brushed against the skin- not complaining by the way) gives this ensemble a sort of preppy look. 

If you've ever been to Westfield, Stratford City, you'll be familiar with the sheer scale of the place (wonderful for fashion inspiration, by the way) and thats why I wore flats - for practicality- because I knew we'd be walking around a lot. These are my favourites. The floral design and belt detailing is so feminine.

The matching cherry red hat helps to break down the look's colours and the gold accessories bounce off really well with the colour pallet. These are old pieces of jewellery that I've had for over two years now. I rediscovered them while tidying up my jewellery box at the beginning of the week and thought I'd let them see daylight again.  

So, that's me really.  

Apples and cherries. Two of some of my favourite fruits, and they make a pretty attractive outfit too. 


These Boots Were Made For Walking...

Ok, so for the last two nights I've been wondering what kind of chills I've been feeling, and I'm not talking Grease Lightning. Autumn is officially here and I've finally gotten around to swapping my spring/summer clothes with my autumn/winter ones into my wardrobe and chest of drawers (and, of course, as standard, stocking up on some new buys). Buuuuuut, the change in weather also means I can wear my favourite boots. Yay!

Top(New Look); Leggings (Next); Boots (Linzi Shoes)

These sexy (in a tasteful way) horse riding style boots are made from soft faux leather and I often team them with skinny jeans tucked in or leggings- a classic autumn/winter look.

Wherever I go, people (friends, family and strangers) frequently ask me where I bought these knee highs from (or at least stare at my feet long enough for me to consider doing a little jig to break the gaze of admiration). Well, the answer is Linzi Shoes, an Essex-based shoe retailer (they've also got a store in Westfield, Stratford City).

I love these boots so much that I have a pair in black as well. It's the kind of love that if they were going to discontinue them, I'd buy at least two extra pairs. I wear them ALOT.

Actually, come to think of it, they're THE most comfortable boots I've ever owned. FACT! They really are made for walking. I used to wear them on long days at uni and to my relief my feet wouldn't be aching me by the end of the day.

What's your favourite pair of autumn/winter shoes? Are you all set, wardrobe-wise?

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Got Me Some Bangs: The Nicki Minaj-Esque Fringe (Sort Of)

I had a Nicki Minaj-athon on my ipod yesterday morning while carrying out some domesticities. I hadn't realised just how good her album Pink Friday is. As much as some people slate her, her style is unique, eccentric and I like it. It suits her because she carries it off with such confidence. After all, as Gok Wan says *puts on Gok voice*: "It's all about the confidence".

I love how she has different fringe hairstyles in a range of colours, lengths, textures (frizzy, straight curly) and patterns (the leopard print ones - wow!)...

I finally got a Nicki-inspired fringe (well, just a fringe really) four weeks ago after much deliberation. I wasn't too convinced when I looked in the mirror but my hairdresser reassured me that it suited me. It's growing on me day by day and I'm used to it now. Mind you, I'm not as brave as Nicki to go for the bright colours.

What celebrity hairstyles have you been inspired by? Did it suit you? Were you one of those ladies who changed their hair colour when Rihanna or Cheryl Cole dyed their hair red?

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Go Forth And Multiply!...

Is it me or does everyone seem to be having babies lately?! I know at least five people who have become parents within the last four weeks and another three who are expecting some time early next year. So I guess I'm going to be doing a lot of gift shopping. I love shopping for baby clothes! The lil ones grow so fast that you pretty much need to update their wardrobe (well, chest of drawers) every 3 months. Trouble is, I just want to buy almost everything I see (in essence, there's not much difference when shopping for myself!!).

My heart melted when my husband's colleagues put money together to buy our newborn a cute matching outfit from Baby Gap a few weeks ago.They bought it in 3-6 months so he'll be big enough to wear it in the coming weeks.

Babies deserve to be stylish too. Here are my top six favourite stores to shop for baby and toddler clothes simply because of their good quality items, reasonable prices (some moreso than others) and up-to-date trendy styles:







Babies are super cute anyway, but dress them in even cuter clothes and they become adorable.

Have you had a baby recently or know anyone who has?

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