Bag Envy | Marks & Spencer Per Una Double Handle Bow Tote Bag

It's more than likely that whenever I meet up with a friend, I'll love at least one item of clothing, accessory or makeup that they have on. Yesterday's lunch date with one of my closest friends was no exception. As she strutted towards me in her usual elegant fashion, my eyes were immediately drawn to the item on her arm.

I'm a sucker for anything with bows attached because I think it's such a cute and feminine detail and when it comes to bags (particularly statement pieces), the colour trend at the moment seems to be bright or fluorescent- this one's citrus.

I was surprised when she told me where she got it from. I gave her that "WhatchutalkinboutWillis?" face. For £27.50 it's more than lovely. Now, when I think about Marks and Sparks, the words "middle-aged", "conservative", "safe" and "boring" come to mind. It's just not a clothing brand that appeals to me, hence why I don't own anything from there- yet. But, having glanced at a few of the pieces online, I now have my eye on a few gorgeous items (mainly from the bags and shoes departments), and I just might make my first ever purchase some time soon.

Come to think of it, in recent years a lot of retailers have made a really conscious effort to appeal to a broader consumer spectrum by bringing in more fashionable stock. New Look and Next, for instance, have seriously upped their game.

Anyway, my friend is lucky that I don't have access to her wardrobe because I've seen a few other things she has that I'd snatch in a hot second. 

What have your friends been wearing recently that you've adored? Do you shop at M&S? 

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