January Feel Unique Beauty Box

I'm usually fairly excited about receiving my beauty boxes but for some reason, my enthusiasm this month (or lack of, more to the point), left me feeling quite aloof about the whole thing. Maybe it's because my Feel Unique box- usually the first of all my subscriptions- was dispatched much later this month. Perhaps it's the fact that I was so beauty-boxed-out by the very impressive December boxes. Or it could be that I've subconsciously put myself into a 'don't expect anything special' mode so that I won't be disappointed if the boxes don't live up to my heightened expectations. Who knows?

1. DEAD SEA SPA MAGIK Salt Brushing;
2. GREEN PEOPLE Gentle Cleanse;
3.CAUDALÍE Vinotherapie Nourishing Body Lotion;
4. LIERAC Coherence L.IR Infrared Lifting Cream;
5. PHYTO PhytoBaume Colour Protect Express Conditioner.

It took me two days to actually open my Feel Unique box after it arrived (I know, how very out of character), and when I finally did get round to revealing its contents I must say I was initially mildly impressed. However, the only item that seriously grabbed my interest was the bath salts. Can't wait to try these out. I've become increasingly accustomed to the Dead Sea Spa Magik brand because in recent months I've had at least one of their products in a beauty box, namely the body lotion or facial cleanser. 

I'm always keen on trying new facial cleansers and I seem to be drawn to a lot of organic products of late so I thought the Green People Gentle Cleanse was a great inclusion. 

The Lierac  Coherence L.IR Infrared Lifting Cream is marketed well but because it's so lightweight in texture and consistency I doubt it will do anything for me on the hydrating front. 

Having Afro hair (naturally) I always take a miss with the hair products because, like I always stress, I'm picky about the products I put or test on my hair so I unfortunately didn't give this item more than five seconds of my time.    

When it comes to body lotions, I prefer them oil-based for maximum hydration and nourishment, particularly in winter. The Caudalíe Vinotherapie Nourishing Lotion is too light for my liking but it smells nice and works really well as a hand cream though. 

So what do I think overall about the box? Well, I know some people prefer to exclusively have skincare products in theirs but, even though I have a wealth of cosmetics, I quite like makeup items in mine, if I'm honest. However, bearing in mind that the people behind this month's box were going for a "starting over" theme after the "festive frivolities", they did deliver a good selection of products. But, and this is a big 'but', from a  personal perspective it's a little bit of a disappointment because most of the items aren't really suited to my skin/hair type.   

If you'd like more information on the Feel Unique Beauty Box then click on the link >> www.feelunique.com/beautybox

What did you make of this month's Feel Unique beauty box?

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