Spring/ Summer Nail Polish Picks

So spring is here (well, kind of), which means bright colours! There's something about this time of year (probably the sunshine- when there's actually some of it!) that's extremely uplifting and I like to reflect my generally cheerful mood through the colours that I wear (clothes, make-up, nails etc). There's no denying that pastel/ cotton candy shades are in trend right now with pretty much everything from clothes to accessories, so I thought I'd share some of my favourite nail polish shades that are perfect for S/S. In all honesty, I wear these all year round because I generally prefer bright or pastel-coloured nail varnishes irrespective of the season or whether it's in trend or not. The only polish in this selection that isn't a pastel shade or ultra bright is 'Rust' by Sleek. It's a metallic finish.

Left to Right: 
Bleu Model 44 (Bourjois Paris) | Yellow 134 (Barry M) | Berry 308 (Barry M) | 291 Urban Princess (Rimmel London) | 440 Orange Bliss (Rimmel London) | Rust 37 (Sleek) 

I love me a bit of Barry M (even though the polishes are quite staining to the nails) and Rimmel and Bourjois polishes are great quality- long lasting and a lovely solid finish. You can even get away with one coat. Anyway, I'm off to give my nails a sprucing up. Eenie meenie miney mo...Orange Bliss it is!

What are some of your favourite nail polish shades for spring/summer?

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