Photo Diary #4

My life, lately, has been way too manic to even think about blogging. That, plus the fact that I recently had to send off my camera for repair (thank goodness I was still within my 1 year Canon warranty), has meant that I haven't really had the opportunity to take many photos but here are some of the images from my memory card worth sharing.

TOP (L-R): 
Beef curry, rice and red kidney beans; Canary Wharf (new work location); Dee from Vibe Squad's Africa pendant, beaded necklace; E.L.F. nail polish in 'Fire Coral' (the actual same colour as the handles on the Central Line trains- #randomobservation).
Road trip to Cranfield to visit a friend; Barbecue spare ribs with flavoured rice and tropical juice to wash it down; Little bubba turned 1 year old; Finally cut off the remaining relaxed ends.

TOP (L-R): 
Fridge letter magnets; New wallpaper; FOTD with 'Sunbronze' lipstick by Max Factor; 
Fried plantains; Chicken, jollof rice and stew; takeaway night.
Inside the British Library; Joy's gorgeous Hunter wellies; new additions to my ever-growing nail varnish collection (Beauty UK - 'Electric Blue'; MUA 'Shade 20' and 'Shade 3'.

As ever,



  1. loving the rice and peas & plantin........ looking good

  2. Little Bubba is super cute.

  3. Nice photo's as always. Little bubba is so cute =)

    1. Thanks, lovie! ...Yeah, he sure is *says biased mother*


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