My Current Nail Polish Collection

Compared to a lot of hardcore beauty enthusiasts, my nail polish collection is tiny. Nonetheless, I have quite a decent amount, so much so that I often find myself spoilt for choice.

The colour I choose to wear reflects my mood at the time of selection. There was a time that all I really wore was greens; then I went through an extensive pink phase; these days, I'm feeling pastels and neons.
My weekly manicure has become a routine must because even if my nails are neatly filed, for some reason or another, they don't feel properly groomed without a few coats of polish on them.

Here are some of my favourites from my ever-growing collection.

Reds and Oranges
Blues and Greens
Purples Browns and Blacks
Yellows and Golds
Clears and Nudes
 What are some of your favourite nail polishes? What shades do you find yourself reaching for, lately?

As ever, 


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  1. You have lots of great colors! I really love your collection of pinks. I usually grab for pink polish, because it's so cute and feminine, but lately I've been venturing out to purple, blue, and green shades.

    1. Thank you! I often end up buying shades I already have but in other brands....I agree, pink is instantly makes any female feel feminine....Purples, blues and greens are great and add a different dimension to outfits. Thanks for leaving a comment. :)


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