Photo Diary #5

Top Row: Special present- Casio watch ; Reading 'Lace' by Shirley Conran; Prawn crackers; 
Middle Row: Chicken and sweetcorn soup; Shamballa bracelets by cutey; Tortellini and bolognese sauce;
Bottom Row: Homemade lasagne; Crabbie's alcoholic ginger beer; Rice and breaded chicken.

Row One: Noodle Street, E14 takeaway (delicious); Reading 'The Beaty Myth' by Naomi Wolf; Cous cous and salmon;
Row Two: Guava flavour Rubicon; New Ikea furniture; Corn on the cob; 
Row Three: Nigerian food (Oha soup and pounded yam); Indomi noodles and mackerel; Kopparberg mixed fruit cider;  
Row Four: New Kiko nail polish; Colleague's son's birthday cake; new lighting.

As ever,



  1. Lovely pics, hope u r well w fam, life&work?

    1. Hi Sharon! Thanks! All is well, thank you. Hope you're good too. :)


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