Photo Diary #6

 Row One: Salmon with cream cheese | Faux fur collar scarf | My first attempt at cooking katsu curry | Wrapping presents;
Row Two: Out for client drinkypoos | My first Christmas card this year | Putting up Christmas tree | Nativity scene;
Row Three: Pink nails with a hint of glitter | Spicy tomato soup with boiled plantains and sweet potatoes | Long, chunky braids | Chinese balms (winter must-haves);
  Row One: Making milk chocolate custard | Little man mesmerised by Christmas adverts | Mini mince pies | Shrinkage after washing hair is A LOT!
Row Two: SOL REPUBLIC headphones | Potato wedges | Retail therapy at Harrods | Triple chocolate cake;
Row Three: Drinks, drinks and more drinks | Trip to the opticians | Nando's chicken burger with mango and lime sauce | Work Xmas party in Leicestershire;
  Row One: Work Christmas dinner | Alien by Thierry Mugler | Festive tree lights at Canary Wharf | Drinks at Boisdale | Relaxing bath with some salts;
Row Two: Skyfall cinema tickets | Me in church on Christmas Day | Bit of red wine - Tierra Antica | Lip balms for winter | Raspberry tart;

 Row One: Seasoned poussins | Chocolates from Hotel Chocolat | Mini burgers;
Row Two: Canep├ęs- Mini salmon on toast and mini quiche | "Bitch Be Cray Cray" T-shirt from friend | Christmas cake and cream; 
Row Three: Noodles, lamb and mint sauce | New bag from Lipsy | Serving Christmas lunch.

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas and the Crimbo limbo isn't too disorientating...Happy New Year, in advance!

As ever,



  1. I really like your photo diaries. Such an interesting and simple way of seeing what you're up to. Hope you don't mind if I borrow the idea...

    1. Thank you! It really is, and please feel free.


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