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This morning I received an email from the team informing me that I would be featured on their homepage as part of the three blogs awarded 'Editor's Picks of the Day'. How lovely! It's the first time that my blog has been featured anywhere so this was a  pleasant surprise; a great way to begin my day. I've still got a very long way until my blog becomes established; call it a work in progress (content, and appearance-wise), if you will. Slowly but surely it'll get there; baby steps, eh?

If you're a blogger and don't already have an account with Bloggers then I'd urge you to set one up because it's a great way of networking with fellow, like-minded bloggers (national as well as worldwide), and attract more people to your blog. I've certainly discovered some great ones on there. 

Temporary:Secretary 'Love' Double Ring

Don't you just love it when you either almost forget that you've ordered something online or don't expect the item to arrive as quickly as it does? Yeah, me too. That normally happens when I make an impulse buy, as I did the other day. 

I routinely went to check for any post this morning, and when I opened the door, I discovered a parcel on the step. If you're anything like me, my eyes always light up with glee when a I get a package. The level of excitement and eagerness to open it is equivalent to the feeling you get when you receive a present on your birthday. I'd purchased the 'Love' double ring (£12) from Temporary:Secretary Jewellery after seeing Sarah (the founder of the online boutique) model it in her Newcastle Quayside blog post. She's lucky that I don't have access to her jewellery box or wardrobe because I'd claim everything as my own quicker than than you can say: "Style envy".

Tangle Teezer Compact Styler

"Grrr", followed by me kissing my teeth was usually my expressions of discontent when I used to attempt detangling my hair, but all that changed when I discovered the wonder that is the Tangle Teezer. I know this product has been around for a while now but I've only recently used it for the first time so it's relatively new to me. And yes, I know that it has already been reviewed like a gazillion times, so I need not go into too much detail about why it's such a great product.

Currently Reading...Classy By Derek Blasberg

Do you know your class from trash? Lady from laddette? Sexy from slutty? You've probably answered yes to all of them, but just in case, and for general giggles, you might want to check out 'Classy: Exceptional Advice for the Extremely Modern Lady' by Derek Blasberg. This book has been described as an etiquette bible and having been awarded the title of New York Times bestseller, I'd say it's not far off.

Bag Envy | Marks & Spencer Per Una Double Handle Bow Tote Bag

It's more than likely that whenever I meet up with a friend, I'll love at least one item of clothing, accessory or makeup that they have on. Yesterday's lunch date with one of my closest friends was no exception. As she strutted towards me in her usual elegant fashion, my eyes were immediately drawn to the item on her arm.

January Feel Unique Beauty Box

I'm usually fairly excited about receiving my beauty boxes but for some reason, my enthusiasm this month (or lack of, more to the point), left me feeling quite aloof about the whole thing. Maybe it's because my Feel Unique box- usually the first of all my subscriptions- was dispatched much later this month. Perhaps it's the fact that I was so beauty-boxed-out by the very impressive December boxes. Or it could be that I've subconsciously put myself into a 'don't expect anything special' mode so that I won't be disappointed if the boxes don't live up to my heightened expectations. Who knows?

2012:Week 1 | Skincare, 'Carnival' Nails, Primark, Nude Lip, Sophie's World...

First- Seventh January, Twenty Twelve 

Salutations And A Belated Happy New Year!

So, we're well into 2012 now. I'm not going to lie, the beginning of this week was tough for me emotionally and mentally- the first week into a new year usually is. It's the over-contemplating, over-reflecting, over-planning et cetera, et cetera. That fear of the unknown, I suppose. I know exactly what happened in 2011 so find comfort in sort of holding on to it, but what 2012 has in store is anyone's guess. I was M.I.A for a few days. I had to take some time out to clear my mind but I'm feeling fresh and reloaded now.

I'm not a resolution person, I just make sure that I'm realistic about what I want to achieve but most of all I stay true to myself. Just because the clock has struck 12am on the 1st January doesn't mean that I will miraculously become a changed person or have all the answers to my troubles. Far from, in fact. I make mistakes and learn from them all year round. That's what life is about. Learning. Developing. Evolving. I know what I want and I simply take the necessary small steps to get there. As Henry Ford once said, and agreeably so: "Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off the goal".

So...This week? On New Years Eve, my hubby managed to claim his full chicken from good ole Nando's before his loyalty card expired at midnight (I missed out on my quarter chicken, but I'll live). The evening was spent indoors with my two favourite fellas (husband and baby boy), peri peri style (extra hot), a bottle of wine ( sparkling white zinfandel, to be precise) and watching 'Alan Carr's New Year Spectacular (chuckles all round). I wouldn't have had it any other way.

I know it's incredibly British to talk about the weather but it's been so predictably unpredictable, I just have to give it a mention. Well, it rained cats and dogs on New Years Day (Sunday). The superstitious person in me saw it as a washing away of negative energy from 2011 while the grumps me just thought Mother Nature was taking the Minie Mouse. Monday was chilly but really sunny, so much so that one could have be forgiven for wearing shades in England. Tuesday's wind was my alarm clock and the rest of the week, to my relief,  was relatively mild and more settled.

Don't worry, I've been up to a bit more than focusing on the weather's shenanigans....

BEAUTY: Let's Face The Day