Photo Diary #5

Top Row: Special present- Casio watch ; Reading 'Lace' by Shirley Conran; Prawn crackers; 
Middle Row: Chicken and sweetcorn soup; Shamballa bracelets by cutey; Tortellini and bolognese sauce;
Bottom Row: Homemade lasagne; Crabbie's alcoholic ginger beer; Rice and breaded chicken.

Row One: Noodle Street, E14 takeaway (delicious); Reading 'The Beaty Myth' by Naomi Wolf; Cous cous and salmon;
Row Two: Guava flavour Rubicon; New Ikea furniture; Corn on the cob; 
Row Three: Nigerian food (Oha soup and pounded yam); Indomi noodles and mackerel; Kopparberg mixed fruit cider;  
Row Four: New Kiko nail polish; Colleague's son's birthday cake; new lighting.

As ever,


New In: Hunter Regent Grosvenor Wellington Boots

Lovely weather we're having, eh? If you live in the UK, you would have probably detected the sarcasm in that question. The temperature has dropped and when it rains, it pours. But it's OK, 'cause I've definitely got the latter covered: I've invested in a gorgeous pair of Hunter wellington boots.

Now, this brand doesn't come cheap, but every year for the last three, I've bought bog standard wellies and, year on year, they've split. Bad times. So I figured enough was enough and I'd fork out a little more cash to get myself these beauties.

The Regent range of Hunter boots are slim-fitting and, as described on the website: "symbolises fashion, style and comfort". I'd agree with that. This particular pair retail at £145.00 but with the amount of rain we get over here, I know I'll definitely get my money's worth.

With knitted nylon lining, they're pretty warm too, so no need to wear incredibly thick socks when temperatures reach near freezing.

Great thing about these is that the patent/gloss finish and gold button detail on the sides mean they can be worn as a normal pair of stylish boots without looking too farmer-esque.

I can't begin to tell you just how comfortable these are, but, incase you're wondering, in one word: very. When I initially purchased them on the online store, I bought my normal shoe size - UK 5- but had to return the boots because, even though they fit my actual feet, due to the slender design, the calf was uncomfortably tight. I don't know about you, but if I'm going to spend this amount of money on anything, I have to be 100% happy with it, so I exchanged them for a size 6. Though I read the size chart before buying, one size up allows an extra centimeter calf room, which makes all the difference. The exchange process was effortless and I received my new pair within a week. I put some insoles inside to compensate for the larger shoe size and, to my delight (and relief), they fit perfectly.

I won't be jumping into puddles with these but I certainly won't shy away from going out when the heavens open (which is often). 

Do you own a pair of wellies?


As ever,

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