Now, I've had my fair share of beauty boxes (read here, here and here), and seeing as I love food so much (you may have noticed I take a ridiculous amount of photos of my meals and snacks), it made perfect sense for me to try out one of the edible equivalents on the market: Deluxebite.  

In a sentence, Deluxebite is a monthly subscription service where you receive five deluxe-sized, gourmet food samples to try out. 

My trips to the supermarket are usually quite rushed; I very rarely stroll down the isles and check out other items, so the concept of this food discovery box definitely appealed to the chef within me.

I'm all for the humanitarian element involved with Deluxebite too: with each box purchased, a meal is donated to Foodbanks in UK - a project run by a poverty prevention charity called The Trussell Trust.     

1: Ashbourne Foods - Indulgent Chocolate Brownie Slice - 
This product is so delightfully delicious. Moist, yet the right amount of crunch. It's definitely an indulgent treat. I enjoyed this yesterday during a mini tea break at work. 

2: The Cornish Crisp Company - Salt and Vinegar
I don't eat crisps very often, but these were really tasty, somewhat moreish, and the flavour was very balanced.

3: Cornish Sea Salt Co.
Haven't ever cooked with sea salt before, but I've been reading up about it since receiving my box, and I'll be adding some as a last minute sprinkle to season cooked/ semi-cooked food (particularly fish dishes).  

4: Trotter's Independent Condiments - Assorted (in my box: Scottish Honey Mustard)
I absolutely love a drizzle of honey mustard dressing with my salads, so I see no reason why I wouldn't love this condiment.

5: Teapigs - Assorted Collection (in my box: Chai Tea and Everyday Brew)
I've had a thing for trying new brews lately, so I was ecstatic when I saw these two sachets in the box. Very nice indeed. Everyday Tea was a great morning-starter and Chai Tea was my saviour after a long, gruelling day at work. 

I've discovered some great items. The full-sized products are on the higher end of the price bracket, but I suppose that's the whole point of the box. It's filled with high quality, luxury items. Treats, if you will, that will encourage you to be a little more experimental in the kitchen. 

Each box costs £20. I won't be subscribing to receive one every month, but it's likely that I'll purchase a box on the odd occasion. If you're a food lover, you'll definitely appreciate food boxes. 

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 Have you tried the Deluxebite food discovery service before (or any other food box on the market)? Is it something you'd consider purchasing?

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