My Ensemble (OOTD): Lady in Red

Every now and again, you'll come across a store - be it online or while out and about - that you begin to adore and start wishing you'd discovered it sooner. On this occasion, is that said store. Up until recently, I'd never heard of it, but when I was contacted about working with them, I had a meerkat moment. I don't always jump to offers of featuring brands just for the sake of receiving freebies, but after having a quick skim of the site - and you can pretty much tell within one minute whether it'll be to your liking or not - I was pleasantly surprised.  

In a sentence, is an online department store that offers creative and unique products produced by small, independent businesses. To find out more, you can have a read (and watch) here.

True to its name, you'll discover some real gems on here, some stunning accessories, and fantastic gift ideas. There are some super-pretty, girly, and feminine buys to be had, and I found myself occupied for one morning and the better half of that afternoon just browsing the different departments and products. Not everything will be to everyone's taste, but I can guarantee a fair few products will catch your eye.  

DRESS: ASOS | EARRINGS & NECKLACE: eBay | FASCINATOR: Eureka & Nash (via | NAIL POLISH: Unforgettable by Dielle (via | SHOES: Linzi | CLUCH: Barratts

You, may recognise this dress from a post I did over a year ago (read here). I thought I'd joosh it up a little with some new accessories - after all, that's the best way to restore pieces you love.  I found this gorgeous facinator, which makes the outfit feel a little Ascot-esq and thus, tres elegant. The red nail polish by Dielle, is vibrant and application is a dream!

Here are some items currently in my basket for springtime:

I think this'll be my 'go-to' store whenever I want something a little different, personalised or - like it's namesake - something that's not on the high street.

Have you come across this online store before? If so, what are your thoughts? What did you buy? If not, would you consider shopping here?

As ever, 



  1. wow you look amazing! has anyone ever told you that you look like Issa Rae who does the great web series called "Awkward black girl"? :D

    1. Thanks, Karl.No, no one has ever likened me to her. I think it's the short hair. Love the series though!

  2. You really rock that red Asos dress! You outfit is lovely and beautifully coordinated from head to toe. I love the look!

  3. i've never come across this store, but i love your accessories. the jeweled heels and black lace peeking are cute.

  4. Suits you so well, love the colour :)

    Santenne of Crystallized Elements.

  5. So stylish


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