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There's something about spring/summertime that inspires you to make an effort with your appearance. For me, this is the time I usually enlist a little guidance of style magazines for inspiration. I decided to update the magazine subscriptions on my tablet and ended up subscribing to Vogue and Elle. A recurring trend that I noticed was snakeskin.

BAG: Lipsy | BELT: ASOS | SHIRT: Zara | SKIRT: New Look | SCARF: Tie Rack | COAT: H&M | SHOES: Zara
Personally, I think my style is quite 'safe' (and there's nothing wrong with that). I like things to colour-match and I'm not that into clashes. That's just me. When it comes to any type of animal print, I certainly don't like to overdo it, because I think you run the risk of looking cheap and tacky. Minimal all the way...But I do like to mix it up a little  by adding colour. 

I love Lipsy bags (I own three). With this one, the different textures and shades compliment each other which give it a little bit of character. The snakeskin is clearly noticeable without being overpowering.  
This thin belt is so simple but still in keeping with the subtle snakeskin accessories. 

Here are a few cute snakeskin/ snake print items I've come across online:

What are your thoughts on snakeskin? How do you like to wear it?

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