Light Salad with Fried Chicken Chunks | Recipes

I seem to talk a hell of a lot about food, and post quite a few photos - on here and on Instagram - of meals I prepare, so I figured it only makes sense to start doing posts on what goes down in my kitchen.
I thought I'd start off with something very simple:  here's a light, healthy lunch idea. It also serves well as a starter or a side dish with dinner.
SERVES: 3 or 4 
PREP TIME: 15 Minutes
COOKING TIME: 15 Minutes
Salad: Bell peppers (x2); cucumber (x1); lettuce (half a head); sweetcorn (x1 tin); dressing of choice.
Fried Chicken: Boneless chicken breasts (x4); flour; seasoning of choice; milk (100ml); egg (x1); oil.

Wash the chicken breasts and dice. 
Pre-heat the oil (put the hob on the lowest setting). Now we can begin preparing the chicken for frying. 
1. Place the egg and milk in a bowl;
2. Lightly whisk the egg and milk to make the batter;
3. Place your flour, and seasoning in a bowl (I use All Purpose Seasoning, some ground pepper, and black pepper); 
4. Dip/ immerse the diced chicken into the egg and milk mix;
5. Place the chicken on top of the seasoned flour mix; 
6. Put more of the seasoned flour mix over the chicken.

After this, I place the container's lid on top and give it a good shake... 

Time to shallow-fry! Keep the heat low to ensure the chicken chunks cook evenly throughout. 

While this is frying, let's prepare the salad. Wash your ingredients thoroughly, and chop into small chunks. For the lettuce, I separate the layers, squeeze them tightly into a bunch and cut in sections. 
(I'm sure you know what these are!)
 Check the chicken. Turn the chunks around to ensure both sides are cooked properly. When ready, use a slotted spatula or spoon to help drain the oil as you take the chicken out of the pan. Place the fried chicken in a bowl or container after layering it with some kitchen roll (this will help absorb the excess oil).  
I like to mix the salad ingredients together rather than layer them. Apply a dressing or seasoning of your choice. I love honey mustard, so that's always my first choice; a sprinkle of sea salt also helps bring out the flavours in this particular salad combination. 
 Serve! I don't get all fancy schmancy when it comes to presenting my food; I believe food is there to be eaten, not stared at.  
Enjoy with some juice or a glass of wine. For a more filling meal, why not place the salad and chicken in some thick, toasted pita bread? 

Om nom nom!

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