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I'd been eyeing up these pair of print heels from Zara for a couple of months before I decided to make the purchase (waiting a while to see whether or not they still appeal to me is a good indicator to buy.... I wanted to get the matching clutch bag, but it was sold out. Guess it wasn't to be).

SHOES: Zara | JEANS: Forever 21 | BAG: Lipsy | SHIRT: Zara | BELT: Gucci | NECKLACE: eBay

 These are the loudest shoes I own, so it's fair to say they are a statement pair: it's got vibrant, complementary colours; it's got texture (satin); it's got prints! Some people believe that shoes communicate a lot about a person and what you're wearing on your feet is the first things they look at when they notice you. What do these shoes say about me? Well, I think they communicate vibrance, femininity and understated fierceness.
Particularly with these kind of shoes, where you probably want most of the attention to be on your feet, I like to keep the rest of the outfit simple. As usual, I paired pieces around the main accent colours of the shoes, namely orange and (royal) blue. So as to not hide the ankle cuff detail of the shoes, I rolled up the bottom of my jeans to create a three-quarter length look.

I bought this necklace on eBay and was a little bit disappointed when it arrived because it had looked so much bigger on the manikin photographed on the listing. However, teamed with a shirt, it makes a pretty decent collar necklace.

The weather's getting more agreeable, which means more BBQs, so I figured this outfit would be perfect - it's not too dressy and it doesn't look like I've just accidentally turned up with my initial intention being to only pop to the corner shop.

Do you have a pair of statement shoes? What do they say about you?

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  1. I totally love the print... They are gorgeous!!!and you know, its funny coz the first thing I look at on a person is their shoes!!! Judge their taste from there haha!!Your necklace is
    really cute too...!!! Cute yet simple outfit!!!

  2. those shoes are fierce! I am totally loving your hair and how you just leave it to be free. Beautiful.

    1. Thank you! ...Just trying to embrace what God naturally gave me.


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