Paisley | My Ensemble (OOTD)

Paisley is one of those prints that seems outdated, especially being - by origin -  an ancient Eastern design, and also having links to the hippie movement in the 1960s. However, worn subtly - i.e. without attempting pattern clashes or from head to toe - and by pairing with modern pieces, you need not worry about looking psychedelic.
 What I love about this paisley blouse is:
1. The colour combination: yellow and royal blue are complementary, and not a typical colour mix for paisley prints; 
2. The fit: one thing I can't stand is an ill-fitting shirt, but this one is tailored to hug in all the right places. Prints tend to highlight problem areas, so a good fit is just as important as the garment choice;   
3. The satin material with the pussy bow detail for added femininity.  
BLOUSE: Hawes & Curtis | JEANS: KRISP | SANDALS: Zara | BAG: eBay   

What's your take on paisley?

As ever, 



  1. The prints on the shirt is stunning and the yellow goes beautifully with it.


  2. Loving the satchel, it looks vintage. I am a huge fan of paisley print especially when they are a riot of colours on a garment. I also looove men's silk paisley kerchiefs...


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