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My life's quite hectic at the best of times, so when it comes to grub, I'm always keen on dishes that are 1) healthy 2) filling and 3) can be prepared within an hour. One of my favourite quick and simple meals is tuna pasta bake.

Tuna (two tins)
Pasta (500g)
Onions (two or three medium-sized)
Tomatoes (3 fresh or 1 tin of pre-chopped)
Cheese (as much as you like!)
Seasoning of choice (I use 2 x Knorr cubes, 1 x Knorr Fish Stock Pot, and some All Purpose)  

1. To save time, start by putting the pasta on the fire to parboil. 

2. Using another pot, heat up some oil (just enough to thinly layer the pot's surface). Cut the onions, in the meantime. 
3. Place the onions in the pot to brown a little.
4. Using a fork, prep the tuna.
5. Now place the tuna in the pot with the onions and mix in with some seasoning.  
6. Check the pasta. If ready, turn the gas off and drain excess water. 
7. Back to the sauce: add the chopped tomatoes, mix in well and place lid on top of pot. Lower the heat slightly and leave to cook for 10 minutes, or so. 
8. Mix the sauce in with the pasta.

9. Layer the pasta in a flat oven dish and sprinkle grated cheese (I love mild cheddar - lots of it!) on top of each layer (I normally make enough for just two layers). 
10. Place in the oven for 15 minutes on gas mark 6 (200C/400F). Be sure to keep an eye on it. I normally take it out a little while after the cheese has fully melted.   
...And there you have it: tuna pasta bake...
PREP TIME: 5 minutes

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  1. My goodness that looks ridiclously good.



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