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When I think of Turkish cuisine, a meat feast springs to mind, and that's exactly what a few of my work colleagues/friends and I had yesterday. We met up at Tava, nestled near Dalston Kingsland (north London), for casual drinks and to get our Sunday evening grub on.

As I was in a Turkish restaurant, it only made sense to be open-minded about trying new things, so, to quench my thirst - instead of going straight for the standard orange or apple juice - I opted for the yoghurt drink. It's an acquired taste, but I did manage to finish half my glass.  
Yoghurt drink (ayran)
The atmosphere inside was friendly and relaxed; service was polite and attentive. It's a very reasonably-priced, child-friendly place to dine, and with all the surrounding competition, I'm not surprised. Delicious food, and generous portions meant there was 'nuff belly rubbing, full mouths and toothpick action. 

Flat bread
Condiments: hummus, (I didn't even ask what the one in the middle was!), mayo 
Mixed grill: adana, lamb shish, chicken shish, lamb ribs, quail, lamb chops....with rice
Lightly fried onions drizzled in a tasty seasoned sauce 
Light salad
I'm definitely keen on visiting other Turkish restaurants and trying more cultural dishes. If anyone knows the traditional names of some of the items above, do tell. I guess I was enjoying myself too much to even ask the waiter what the sides were (!).

Good food, good conversations, good times.

Where have you eaten out lately?

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  1. This makes my mouth water.



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