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It's been a long while since I've published a beauty post, and I see no better time than now: the launch of GlowwBox - a monthly subscription beauty box aimed at women of colour. 
Those of you who have followed my blog may remember when I was a tad obsessed with beauty boxes (click here), but there reached a point where I was all beauty boxed out! Beauty boxes were like the Tesco Express of the beauty industry: a new one popping up left, right and centre. Each company promised to be different and deliver the best, but ended up being homogenous subscription services with different branding. Also, having personally being involved behind the scenes with a beauty box made me quite disillusioned with the concept and the beauty industry itself. I had washed my hands of them until I heard about Glowwbox.
Founder of GlowwBox, Jason Cameron, expressed: 
“I’m really excited about launching this new experience for brown beauty…I believe, as an industry, we do need more attention and it’s my desire to create a destination to help women of colour get that attention, in an exciting way”.
 NYX Cosmetics Round Lip Gloss (Kiss)
I'm more of a lipgloss girl than a lipstick one, and I'm glad this is a neutral colour that I can actually wear (because it suits me). Its moisturising properties are a plus, too!

AKOMA Shea Million and Spatula (face and skin moisturiser)
Given that autumn is here, this is great for adding extra moisture to the skin. It's soft, so makes application a dream and it's a Fairtrade product, which gains ethical points. 
BOMB COSMETICS Cute as Cupcake Bath Creamer
I'm feeling increasingly overworked these days, so this is a perfect little bath treat at the end of a tiring day - smells delightful too!  
ROOT2TIP Scalp Hydration Serum
Having recently braided my hair, this is a godsend when it comes to keeping the scalp and roots well moisturised while wearing this protective style.

MEHRON Velvet Finish Primer Serum 
It does exactly what its name suggests: provides a velvet finish to skin. I don't wear makeup daily, but this can be worn alone, or under foundation, so I win both ways. I was amazed at how my skin felt after applying this. 
My Thoughts and First Impressions: 

Presentation - The box is well-presented, well-sized and simple - that's how it should be.

Contents - I reckon the target market has definitely been given a lot of thought when deciding on the products placed inside. The range of hair, makeup and skincare products is a perfect balance and the size of the samples means subscribers will be able to get enough out of the products to know whether or not they'd want to go ahead and make a purchase of the full sizes.
Overall - I'm pleasantly surprised and like this box a lot; I'm keen on using every item inside, which is a first for me. It's somewhat rekindled my interest in beauty boxes, so much so that if I were to subscribe to one, it would be GlowwBox.
I'm definitely curious to see what's in store in the coming months.  

GlowwBox price: £15 per month + P&P

For more information, visit:

As ever, 


*I received this product as a complimentary box.


  1. I found this post soooo informative, I actually work for a beauty box company now and if/when/if I pass my probation period, I was going to query them on when their boxes were going to be more ethnic-friendly. And I hadnt done ample research to see the brown beauty boxes out there, so its good to know about this one!

    1. I'm glad it was helpful... There are a few beauty boxes on the market aimed at women of colour (e.g. RoseBox, BeBox...), but so far, this is my fave.


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